Retail Technology in 2017: Customer Expectations Powering the In-store Connection

The technology behind selling vehicles is changing from a dysfunctional array of tools to a smooth and connected journey that fuses the power of online efficiency with in-store, in-person, and at-hand relationship building. Today’s typical car shopper spends most of their time online. It’s a fact, and one most of us have known – at least intuitively – for a while. Indeed, Cox Automotive’s 2017 Car Buyer Journey Study cinches it: Of the 14 hours or so most people spend shopping for a car, 60 percent of that time is online – not on the car lot. They do all that work, invest all that time, and when they’re done they visit one dealership. That’s it. And they most often test drive just one car. All that points to one thing: customers increasingly have their minds made up before they walk into the showroom.