Integrated Technology Solutions for the Retail Automotive Industry

Dealertrack solutions enhance efficiency and profitability for all major segments of the automotive retail industry, from digital retailing tools that bridge the gap between the online and in-store experience, to the largest lender network in North America. Dealertrack’s products include dealer management system (DMS), fixed operations, CRM, sales and F&I, and registration and titling. Dealertrack solutions and services are designed to make workflows more efficient, transparent and profitable.

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Active U.S. auto dealers on Dealertrack’s network


U.S. lenders connected to credit application network


Manufacturer programs


Of all U.S. cars financed with Dealertrack technology

3 Out Of 4

Cars sold in North America are touched by Dealertrack


Financed titles managed by Dealertrack

Transforming Automotive Retail.

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