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Cox Automotive is a global subsidiary of Cox Enterprises Inc., an Atlanta-based, family-owned company that has been in business 119 years. Our goal is to simplify the trusted exchange of vehicles and maximize value for dealers, manufacturers and car shoppers.

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Analysts: Auto sales are down but still high

It’s one of the highlights from an overview of industry trends at the midpoint of the year provided by Cox Automotive analysts Wednesday in Detroit and one of several things to watch going forward. Auto sales down but still high Cox is projecting that sales of new vehicles in the first half of the year,  Read More

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Cox Automotive and Holman Enterprises Announce Joint Venture with Flexdrive

ATLANTA and MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. – May 25, 2017 – Cox Automotive, the same company that brings consumers Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book, today announced a new joint venture with Holman Enterprises, a global leader in automotive sector services. Both automotive companies are now shared owners of Flexdrive, a new mobility company that enables consumers  Read More

Cox Automotive Announces Virtual Education Program To Improve Dealership Operations

ATLANTA, April 7, 2017 – Cox Automotive today announced Flash Forum, a complimentary educational webinar series designed to help dealers improve results and successfully grow their wholesale and retail operations. Members of Cox Automotive’s client education services team and subject-matter experts from the company’s brands present 30-minute webinars, delivering high-impact educational content covering a host of  Read More

Cox Automotive Announces Retirement of Chief Economist Tom Webb

ATLANTA, March 30, 2017 – Cox Automotive today announced that Chief Economist Tom Webb will retire on June 30. His departure marks the end of an illustrious automotive industry career that spanned some four decades and earned Webb recognition as the pinnacle of automotive market intelligence and economic analysis. “Tom has been an invaluable resource  Read More

Cox Automotive Presents Barbara Cox Automotive Woman of the Year Award

NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 30, 2017 – Cox Automotive™ presented the 12th annual Barbara Cox Automotive Woman of the Year Award to Linda Silverstein, general manager, remarketing and rental operations, Ford Motor Company. This honor is awarded to women who demonstrate business leadership and community advocacy, as well as a commitment to advancing the automotive industry. Cox  Read More

Cox Automotive Promotes John Kovac to Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

ATLANTA, Jan. 11, 2017 – Cox Automotive™, a leading provider of digital marketing, software, financial, wholesale and e-commerce solutions for the automotive industry, has promoted John Kovac to executive vice president and chief marketing officer. In this role, Kovac oversees all facets of Cox Automotive marketing globally. A 17-year Cox veteran, Kovac will focus on  Read More

Cox Automotive Promotes Rock Anderson Jr. to Executive Vice President

ATLANTA, Jan. 11, 2017 – Cox Automotive, a leading provider of digital marketing, software, financial, wholesale and e-commerce solutions across the automotive industry, has promoted Rock Anderson Jr. to executive vice president of people strategies. Under Anderson’s leadership, Cox Automotive’s people strategies team is attracting and nurturing top talent who want to work for a global  Read More

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Analysts: Auto sales are down but still high

It’s one of the highlights from an overview of industry trends at the midpoint of the year provided by Cox Automotive analysts Wednesday in Detroit and one of several things to watch going forward. Auto sales down but still high Cox is projecting that sales of new vehicles in the first half of the year,  Read More

Great result for Mosshead Pre-school

The effort aimed to gain enough cash to keep the popular venture going for the next year, and was completely successful. The Cox Automotive Community Foundation provides grants to community projects which are championed by their staff, and Margaret MacKenzie of the Glasgow office was so impressed by the Forest Nursery at Mosshead Pre-School she  Read More

Opinion Is your credit union ready for a flood of millennial car buyers?

Everyone is a consumer. We all have predilections about the items we purchase and the brands we prefer. Many of these preferences are formed by marketing, influenced by the experiences of our social network, as well as our own first-hand knowledge. You know this scenario – you have a great experience at a local eatery.  Read More

Cox Enterprises subsidiary opens new $100M HQ

A subsidiary of Atlanta-based Cox Enterprises Inc. has unofficially opened a new $100 million corporate headquarters in Long Island, N.Y. Dealertrack Technologies Inc. (TRAK:NASDAQ), a developer of software solutions in the automotive retail market, announced it will open a 230,000-square-foot headquarters that will house nearly 600 employees when it officially moves to the location in  Read More

Don’t Tune Out

So Cox Automotive’s Mark O’Neil is on the cover this month. And if you’re anti-digital retailing, you may not like what he has to say when you click here. But whatever you do, don’t tune this stuff out. I put Mark on the cover because of two things he said at the 2017 Automotive Forum  Read More

Dealertrack celebrates new Long Island headquarters

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. – In celebration of its new headquarters in Long Island’s Village of North Hills, Dealertrack was set to hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday afternoon for the project’s team members and contributors with state and local officials. The 10-acre LEED-specified headquarters with a 230,000-square-foot facility is set to be home to roughly  Read More

Scary Truth About Dealership Data Security

When talking about dealership data security at a recent event, it was interesting how most dealers were aware of the risks, but didn’t understand the nature of the threat. People often think business data is stolen by hackers working from dark and dirty basements. But in the last 12 months, 71% of small to midsize  Read More

Cox, NIADA Honor Dealership for Charity Work

Matthews Motors, a family-owned and operated dealership whose charitable efforts have made a huge impact in Clayton, N.C., has been named the recipient of the 2017 NIADA and Cox Automotive Community Service Award. Matthews Motors owners Steve and Dale Matthews accepted the award from Cox Automotive president of inventory solutions Janet Barnard during the National  Read More

Flexdrive model seen as opportunity for dealers

CARY, N.C. – As it turns, these new models of vehicle usage or ownership may actually be an opportunity for dealers, rather than a threat. At least that appears to be the case with Flexdrive, a vehicle subscription platform that is now a joint venture between Cox Automotive and Holman Enterprises. READ MORE

NextGear Offers Transportation Financing

NextGear Capital is partnering with Ready Logistics to deliver transportation financing. Now available nationwide, clients of both Cox Automotive brands can buy, floor and transport vehicles in one transaction. NextGear is offering a deferred payment option that keeps transportation costs on hold until the vehicle is sold. READ MORE

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Find out more about Cox Automotive through an overview of the company, key facts about its brands and a brief timeline of the company’s evolution.


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Meet the Cox Automotive leadership team – a group of industry leaders and trailblazers focused on creating efficiencies and alleviating challenges in the car buying, selling and owning process.


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Cox Automotive 2017 Mid-Year Review

As the first half of 2017 draws to a close, Cox Automotive is sharing a review of the economy, the automotive industry, new- and used-car sales, and providing a look into the future. The event presentation is available for download. DOWNLOAD

Improving the Car Buying Experience for Millennials…and Everyone Else

Millennials and their preferences continue to be a hot topic across many industries – the automotive industry in particular. This attention is no surprise as they are now the largest generation in size at 75.4 million, surpassing Baby Boomers in 2016. Given their size and their desire for a differentiated experience, it is important we  Read More

Cox Automotive Industry Update – April 2017

Cox Automotive uses its wide-ranging research and market intelligence resources to provide a one-page overview of economic indicators, supply, demand, credit and other vital topics and trends affecting the automotive industry. This information provides a comprehensive overview of key trends and data impacting our industry. READ MORE

Dealer Captures More Buyers and Provides a Satisfying Shopping Experience with Digital Retailing

O’Neill Honda implemented a digital retailing solution powered by MakeMyDeal in March 2015. Features including self-penciling and one-on-one digital conversations with a Deal Manager offered a non-invasive yet deeply engaging way to work towards a complete deal online with potential shoppers. The results? More deals, satisfied customers and a way for O’Neill Honda to differentiate  Read More

Dealership Looks to Digital Retailing to Bridge the Gap Between the Internet and its Showroom

Team Nissan was seeking opportunities to create one-stop shopping for its customers and a seamless transition from online to in-store. Read how Team Nissan, thanks to digital retailing tools, met shoppers’ demand for a transparent, convenient, and fast shopping experience while increasing customer satisfaction and gross profit. This willingness to be open to new technology solutions  Read More

Dealership Increases Deals and Gross Profits with a Complete Digital Retailing Workflow

By meeting consumer demand for a transparent and convenient online vehicle shopping experience, digital retailing tools helped Lion Country Kia increase deals and gross profit, all while retaining complete control over pricing and merchandising. This progressive attitude, combined with a staff that embraces technological advances, has helped it stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly  Read More

2017 Compliance Guide

Make sense of federal laws and regulations. Gain access to the only free guide that combines regulatory facts with trends and practical guidance. Get the all-new 2017 Compliance Guide today. Dealertrack has long been known as the industry’s single best source for Compliance insights, and nothing better represents our leadership and commitment to dealers than  Read More

Dealer DataView

Discover the automotive industry’s most up-to-date, relevant and accurate digital marketing data and insights in this month’s Dealer DataView, a monthly automotive digital marketing index, based on’s leading proprietary data, research and analytics. This data, coupled with real-time digital marketing insight, leads to more informed business decisions and effective marketing strategies. industry experts have compiled  Read More

Three Questions to Ask About F&I Compliance Technology

The power of automotive retail technology is, in part, about connecting steps in the buyer’s journey to make the process more efficient. But it also handles other crucial aspects such as ensuring compliance with government regulations and providing protection against identification fraud. That’s important, and as such, it’s vital to make sure a dealer’s compliance  Read More

White Paper: Turn to Earn – Speeding the Wholesale-to-Retail Process Is Critical to Growing Market Share & Operational Profitability

Since 2009, the gap between list price and transaction price has steadily declined. To overcome this profit margin compression, dealers must increase overall operational profitability by: reducing overhead, freeing dealership resources to focus on profit centers, and selling more vehicles at a faster rate rather than maximizing gross per unit. Download the white paper to learn  Read More

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3 Steps to Jumpstart Your Summer with Digital Retailing

The summer selling season is here and so, too, is the pressure to hit sales goals and capture as much margin as is possible in this changing automotive marketplace. During crunch time, it’s natural to seek the comfort and familiarity of the way business used to be done. That could look like emphasizing print, displaying  Read More

The Three Laws of a Connected and Deal-Centric Retail Workflow

It’s a surprising statistic, and one that accurately reveals current changes in buyer behavior. It is, in fact, a simple and powerful reflection of what consumers want: An experience that begins at their convenience, and connects the online world to the showroom. We know this thanks to a mountain of car buyer feedback. Yet just  Read More

How Millennial Car Buying Habits Differ From Other Generations

It was so not long ago that auto industry experts were stating that Millennials had no desire to own their own vehicle, but new information indicates that this may no longer be true. According to Dealertrack’s vice president of market performance and F&I solutions, Jason Barrie, 35 percent of all new auto loans in 2015  Read More

How to Combat U.S. Sales Plateau

After years of rising demand and record-setting results, the U.S. sales momentum has come to a relative halt, as a recent in-depth article by WardsAuto notes. At the same time, dealership inventories and incentives have increased, hindering profit margins for dealers and OEMs. This transformation has dealers scrambling to answer the critical question of how  Read More

Digital Dealer 22: Discovering the Magic of Millennials

At Digital Dealer 22, the influence of Millennials shaded most sessions with talk about keeping pace with trends in workflow technology, digital habits and workforce changes brought about by this new and powerful buying demographic. From a sales and operational perspective, the Millennial influence on the conference was obvious: the sheer amount of Facebook advertising  Read More

Why Website Security Is Essential for a Consumer-Centric Website Experience

Dealer websites are in the midst of a major transition from being browsing-focused, catalog sites of inventory and basic dealer information, to full on consumer applications with digital retailing solutions and more shopper-centric capabilities. As websites make this shift, HTTPS security has become practically mandatory. Gone are the days of only securing financial information or  Read More

Searching for Digital Dealers in the Tampa Sun

Do they echo the look and persona of Max Headroom, that fictional 80s’ interpretation of artificial intelligence? Or is it more of a Tron vibe? I went to Digital Dealer 22 in Tampa this week to find out, and to discover how differently these digital professionals are from regular plain label automotive dealers. Turns out,  Read More

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