Fueling the Growth of Remarketing Services to Four Continents

Manheim’s international operations stretch across nine countries outside North America, and include physical and online vehicle auctions and supporting services, funding and automotive software solutions.

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International auction locations


Europe’s largest car auction center (Colchester, U.K.)


Entered Latin America in 2014 following acquisition of CarBizz, Brazil


Auction visitors to Manheim Australia online and in-lane in 2015


Expansive 7 lane site in Bangkok, Thailand

The international business covers Europe, Asia, Australia, and entered Latin America following the acquisition of CarBizz. Manheim’s international teams are focused on new growth and expansion throughout the world, including new and emerging markets as well as investigating opportunities to introduce new and existing products and services into existing markets. Manheim International is continuously evolving to ensure the best auction experience in each market — whether it’s a salvage auction in New Zealand, a trade-only online auction in the U.K. or Australia, an exclusive high-line event in Portugal or a mobile Simulcast auction in Italy.

Global Solutions. Global Reach.

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