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Fleet Telematics Solution

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Powered by smart software, fleet connectivity delivers telematics-enabled vehicle management to help you simplify and drive efficiency in your operations.


With a wide variety of options available, the benefits of having your fleet’s data at your fingertips are endless.

Utilize the data from the vehicle to view Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC).
View fuel levels in real time
Set up alerts and reporting based on vehicle use and locations.
Get real-time odometer readings.

Vehicle diagnostics and values that matter

Monitor real-time readings, including odometer, fuel and voltage with live diagnostic reports to aid in predictive maintenance.

Automatic recovery of fuel costs

Capture customer payment information to track and charge accurately for fuels and damages.

Protection for your assets

Know where your vehicles are, monitor their usage and set up automated alerts for mileage, location and other information.for your assets

Automate and track via telematics

Collect real-time data about current location and status of vehicle.