2016 Mobile Truck Maintenance Trends

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As 2016 comes to a close, you can’t help but notice the mobile maintenance trends that are shaping the transportation industry. The message is clear -more Fleet Managers than ever are making the progression toward using a mobile truck repair and maintenance provider.

When you stop to think about it, things just make sense. The primary goal is to keep trucks rolling by minimizing downtime and bringing maintenance to you and your trucks allows for just that.

Routine items such as lights, tires and air systems can all be inspected from a mobile maintenance truck at the customer’s location. More involved repairs can even be done when the service truck is properly equipped. The best part is that all of this can be done during the customer’s downtime.

Equipping the Truck

Most mobile maintenance trucks are equipped with a work bench, battery jump starter, air compressor, air tools, oil tanks, a welder, electrical testing equipment, ECM diagnostic readers, heavy-duty hand tools, pneumatic jacks, hose fabricator, miscellaneous fasteners, light bulbs and fuses. These types of trucks can cost around $100,000 to be properly setup.

This is quite a bit of cost, which is why it makes sense for most companies to outsource their mobile maintenance and repairs to a company like Dickinson Fleet Services. This way we handle all of the costs for initially setting up and maintaining the truck in safe operation.

Staffing the Truck

If a company is going to consider mobile maintenance, they must think about how they would staff the truck. Hiring and training qualified technicians takes time. While it may seem like something a company thinks it could handle upfront, often times it’s actually quite the opposite.

This is another major reason it makes sense to hire an outside mobile maintenance provider vs. trying to staff internally. At Dickinson Fleet, we know what to look for when hiring qualified technicians and have a proven training process that works.

How to Choose a Provider

As things continue to trend in the direction of mobile maintenance industry wide, many companies are looking to hire service providers. But, what should a Fleet Manager look for when hiring a company for truck repair and maintenance?

It all starts with first impressions. Something as simple as how clean and organized the technician’s truck is can tell you a lot about the type of service that will be provided. More often than not, a sloppy workplace results in items missed. And when it comes to truck maintenance, you don’t want to miss things.

Another factor to consider is billing and communication. Will you always know what’s going on with your fleet? What type of reporting will be received? This information is important because you don’t want to get blindsided with a hefty truck repair bill.

Final Thoughts

More and more Fleet Managers are going to make the switch to mobile maintenance providers. It just makes sense in the long run from an economic and performance standpoint.

When you do so, look for a company that will be a true partner. At Dickinson Fleet Services, we can be your mobile maintenance and repair partner.

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Dickinson Fleet is the nation’s leader in mobile truck maintenance and repair. We currently have 200 mobile trucks equipped with state of the art technology visiting our customers nightly in nearly every major city in the country.

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