2016 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is Almost Here

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We are about a month away from National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. This year, it will be recognized from September 11th – 17th. But it’s never too early to show appreciation for the hard working men and women who keep us all moving.

National Truck Driver Appreciation WeekSince the inaugural event in 1998, this week of recognition has grown more widespread year after year. You will now find many motor carriers, shippers, trucking industry manufacturers and suppliers, industry associations and local communities hosting events all throughout the week in honor of our nation’s drivers. There are also many free lunches offered at terminals and truck stops along with giveaways from companies who serve the trucking industry.

There are more than 3.5 million professional men and women who deliver our goods we use on a daily basis. As many of you know, these drivers work in one of the most demanding industries out there. Time away from home, braving the elements and navigating the busy roads to make on-time delivers are just a few of the daily challenges professional truckers face. When you really stop to think about it, taking just a week to celebrate their service doesn’t seem like enough.

So, here are a few things we can all do to show some trucker appreciation…

#1 – Hold the Door for a Driver

Inevitably, we all find ourselves at a truck stop at some point. This is the perfect opportunity to go out of your way for a moment to hold the door for a driver. Often times, they are at the truck stop for more than just picking up a quick snack or filling up the tank. You might see them with their hands full, so take this opportunity to grab the door.

#2 – Let Truckers Over

Many motorists see 18-wheelers as simply large vehicles that slow things down and get in the way. This often means driving behaviors such as speeding around them, instead of allowing for extra space. When you see that signal come on indicating the driver wants to change lanes, don’t take it as an invitation to lay on the gas. Rather, take a breather and let them over. This is sure to bring a smile to the trucker’s face.

#3 – Signal Sooner

When you are sharing the road with trucks and ready to make your next move – put your signal on sooner rather than letter. Recognize the obvious – it takes trucks longer to react. A good rule of thumb is to signal at least 3 seconds before you plan on changing lanes or turning. Not only does this show some courtesy to the driver, but it can go a long way in preventing accidents.

BONUS: Provide Good Equipment & Maintenance

One more way that Fleet Managers and trucking companies can show they appreciate their drivers is by taking care of their equipment. Sure, things like pay and benefits are very important. But ask any driver if they want to work for a company who is constantly putting them in trucks that break down and they’re sure to tell you, “no.” This is a BIG one and can go such a long way in showing your drivers that you care.

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