2018 TMC SuperTech National Skills Competition Results Are In…

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Last week wrapped up the American Trucking Association’s annual TMC National Technician Skills Competition (SuperTech) held in Orlando Florida. For the 3rd consecutive year, we’re pleased to announce that all technicians (5 in total) representing Dickinson Fleet Services advanced to the Finals in their respective divisions. We’re also very pleased to announce that for the 3rd straight year, Jeff Brinkman and Jose Feliciano placed higher than their previous visit.

TMC SuperTech Final Standings

Once again, our technicians exemplified excellence by representing the company among the best of the best at TMC SuperTech . Out of the top 150+ technicians, all 5 racked up enough points to advance to the Finals.  Here’s the breakdown…

Heavy-Duty Vehicle Skills Division

  • Jeff Brinkman, 2016 Top Tech Champion, finished in 82nd place, considerably advancing his 102nd place finish in 2017.
  • Jeremy Piepmeier, 2018 Top Tech Champion, finished in 51st place in his first year of competition at the national level.
  • Jose Feliciano, 2017 Top Tech Champion, finished in 40th place, bettering his 44th place finish in 2017.

Trailer Skills Division

  • Darren Thul, a finalist at the 2016 Top Tech competition was the 2018 Top Trailer Tech Champion. Darren finished in 11th place overall this year, 2 places better than the DFS Top Trailer Tech finished in 2017.

Light/Medium-Duty Vehicle Skills Division

  • Zach Nikorak, a 2018 Top Tech Finalist qualified as the Company’s Light/Medium Duty (LMD) contestant based on his LMD skill scores in the 2018 Top Tech competition. Zach finished in 6th place in the competition overall. This year was the first ever appearance for the LMD track in the SuperTech competition.

Zach took 1st place in the “Lubricants” skill station was recognized on-stage at the awards banquet. This achievement means that Zach has the honor of being recognized as the very best in the nation at this skill set. What an incredible honor for Zach and Dickinson Fleet Services!

Celebrating Their Achievements

TMC members from across the industry, SuperTech competitors and their spouses were in attendance at the SuperTech awards banquet held at the Marriott World Center Resort in Orlando, Florida, as TMC awarded over $100,000 in cash and prizes to technicians competing from all over the United States. We were all very proud to see our team represented so well among the best of the best.

Getting Stronger Each Year

Each year, our team continues to perform better than the previous year TMC SuperTech. This could not have been possible this year without three members of the Top Tech Competition team, Larry Fowler, Bill Souers and Brennan Elkins serving as Mentors to help lead our technicians into battle. Thank you, Mentors!

And once again, THANK YOU to everyone who played a role in helping during the Top Tech competition all the way to the SuperTech Finals in Orlando. We wouldn’t be able to pull this off year after year without your support. We’re all #DFSPROUD of all of our Top Techs, our Maintenance Excellence leaders, and their performance during the Top Tech competition here in 2018.

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