3 Truck Maintenance Questions You Should Be Asking Right Now

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Let’s get right to it.  Here are 3 quick truck maintenance questions I’d like for you to consider…

1. What’s your plan for handling truck repair and maintenance in 2016? 
2. Better yet, how have things gone so far in 2015? 
3. And finally, does anything need to change?

2015 is coming to a close.  Before you know it, it’ll be time to kick off a new year.   RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to be thinking about the answers to these questions.  Fleet Managers and Fleet Owners everywhere need to be getting a game plan together for not just the new year, but Winter time.  Cold temperatures coupled with less than ideal driving conditions = more need for truck repair and maintenance services.  So, as we head into Winter and 2016, who is your go-to call for truck repairs that might come up?

We hope it’s us – Dickinson Fleet Services.  And you can call us at 855-DFS-4111 or contact us online anytime.

Mobile Service Trucks

Dickinson Fleet Services in 2015

Over this past year, we’ve grown our mobile truck repair and maintenance services significantly.  More companies are starting to see the value in having a mobile mechanic that works on your schedule at your location, fixing issues before they become costly repairs.  This has proven to be a very efficient, cost effective way to minimize downtime while providing many of the same services that traditionally call for the truck to be offsite.  It has also allowed us to add more locations throughout the U.S., which means we can service even more areas.  Learn about Performance Food Group choosing Dickinson Fleet for its truck maintenance needs

In addition to that, we have made it a point to be as cutting edge as possible when it comes to embracing technology that better allows us to service our customers.  A few of the highlights over 2015 have included launching the Dickinson Fleet Mobile App and unveiling SAFE II, our new mobile maintenance truck.

Can We Help?
How do you feel after answering the 3 questions I presented at the beginning of this article?  Is it time to rethink your truck repair and maintenance service plan?  If so, contact us online now or call 855-DFS-4111.  Let’s get to work on making sure 2016 is the year where your fleet spends more time rolling and less time sitting than ever before.