4 Quick Reasons to Upgrade Your Fleet Management System in 2017

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Are you looking to upgrade your Fleet Management System in 2017? Better yet, SHOULD You Be?

Even if things are cruising along great, it might be time to consider the upgrade now. Especially if your current FMS is 3-5 year old. Reason being, competition is out there and regulations are changing. If your system is looking to be out of date soon, it might be time to take on the learning curve early to stay ahead of the game. Here are 4 quick reasons recently mentioned in this article on why…

#1 Mobile Capability

If your current FMS has a less than desirable mobile experience, it’s time to make the switch. Having the right interface to work on any device is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.

Whether your fleet is the type to provide an in-cab device to its drivers or simply offer some type of reimbursement for using their own – most drivers want to be able to use the latest technology.   Technology that goes with them and is easily accessible.  Having the most important information available wherever they are with just a few clicks is a competitive advantage that drivers appreciate.

#2 Happier Drivers

An up-to-date, easy-to-use Fleet Management System means happier drivers. And happier drivers are more productive.

If you’re able to create a good experience from the beginning by showing the driver that you’re willing to invest in resources that make the job easier, you’ll be able to hang onto better drivers longer. By having effective FMS systems, you’ll be helping drivers find more time for the other things such as staying in touch with their families or resting.

#3 Driver Coaching Abilities

Many of the new Fleet Management systems also offer Driver Coaching capabilities. In a nutshell, this could mean lower operating costs and longer lasting vehicles.

By monitoring driver behavior such as speeding, quick braking and harsh maneuvering of the truck, improvements can be made in near real-time. Many fleets are utilizing the driver coaching piece to to add a gamification aspect to performance related incentives. This is a great way to track driver performance and encourage pride in work.

#4 Advances in GPS Technology

This is another element of FMS that has made a lot of headway over the years. It’s no longer about just getting from Point A to Point B. It’s about doing so in the fastest, yet safest possible way.

Having a FMS that utilizes GPS capabilities to track real-time road and traffic conditions is HUGE. Construction happens. Accidents happen. Being able to find an alternate route in a moment’s notice is a big deal. Not only does it help keep deliveries on time, but it greatly reduces the level of frustration among drivers.

Time for an Upgrade in 2017?

If this article has you thinking it’s time for an upgrade, we would urge you to start planning NOW. If driver satisfaction is a priority for your fleet, it’s going to be a wise investment to drop the 3-5 year old system for something new.

And while you’re at it – could your truck repair and maintenance use some attention too? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your mobile strategy here as well. Learn more about our mobile on-site services here.

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