4 Spring Semi Truck Tidy Up Tips

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Spring has sprung and it appears the warm weather is finally here. That also means as the Winter is behind us, the rain is moving in as the temps (finally) begin to rise.

Truck Tidy Up TipsFor many people ,this means it’s time for some “Spring cleaning” around the house. But for Fleet Managers everywhere, this is a great time to schedule some tidy up work for your trucks. This will save you in maintenance costs and will go a long way in helping to prevent unnecessary tickets and violations. Here are some tips to get started…

#1 – Clean & Organize Trucks

Encourage your drivers to take the time to clean and organize their trucks. In the event a driver gets pulled over, that first impression is a big deal with the DOT officer. It could be the difference between he/she spending more time performing an inspection instead of moving on to the next truck.

Getting organized and having all paperwork readily available simply means your drivers are more prepared.  The more prepared, the less stressed they are in the event of a DOT inspection.  And being less stressed and more organized, means they’ll be more likely to pass.

#2 – Tires, Tires & Tires

We talk about tires a lot, and rightfully so. The transition between the seasons, especially cold to warm weather,can do a number on tire pressure. Making sure all tires are properly inflated and balanced can go a long way in prolonging tire life and improving fuel efficiency. Spring is the ideal time to do an assessment to see how your tires held up during the winter.

#3 – Brakes

A semi truck’s brakes are used (and abused) during the Winter months. Snow, ice and other elements certainly take their toll on the brake system including lines, hoses, parking brakes and fluids. The last thing you want heading into the rainy season is a fleet with bad brakes.

#4 – Lights, Wipers & Fluid Levels

Ok, so each one of these could technically be its own category. The bottom line is, taking the time to get all of these “little” things right BEFORE there’s an issue helps you reduce the chance of costly and unplanned expenses.  All of these are going to be especially important during rainy, foggy conditions.c

NOW is Check Up Time

Do not delay on your Spring fleet checkup. Dickinson Fleet Services offers on-site mobile maintenance and repair services that can be done on YOUR schedule at YOU location. This means no downtime while you get a handle on all of these items (and many more) before we’re too far into Spring.

Remember, the Roadcheck 2017 is around the corner. Do not run the risk of having part of your fleet be placed out of commission because you weren’t prepared. Give us a call at 855-DFS-4111 or contact us online.

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