5 Reasons Mobile Truck Repair Makes Sense For Your Fleet

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Understanding Mobile Truck Repair

Mobile truck repair and maintenance may be a new concept for some fleet managers out there.  In fact, you may be wondering what exactly mobile truck repair really is, how it works and if it makes sense for your company.  While there are many reasons fleet managers choose Dickinson Fleet Services for their truck repair and maintenance needs, in an effort to keep things simple we’re going to share the top 5 right now. 

Why Mobile Truck Repair Makes Sense

1. Mobile Truck Repair Is Incredibly Convenient

There’s nothing convenient about a truck breaking down.  But there is something incredibly convenient about a technician coming on-site, the truck never leaving the lot and all repairs taking place during “off hours.”  All of these things create an increased level of convenience that helps relieve some of the headaches that come with maintaining a a fleet of trucks and scheduling truck repair. 


2. Our Technicians Act As An Extension Of Your Business

We frequently get feedback from our customers telling us that the Dickinson Fleet Service technician working with them really seems to care about about their business and the performance of the trucks as much as they do.  Part of this is made possible by assigning the same techs to a particular account so they become familiar with the equipment and the client.  Striving to form that real business partnership is what we’re all about and we appreciate feedback like this testimonial we received from Paul Doan of Cintas:

“I just wanted to take a minute to send you a big THANK YOU for responding so quickly to my truck issues and needs.  The techs you have sent here are awesome!  John Fulton, John Wolfe and Mike Biondo have been super great to work with.  They have given the best customer service and are great with the communication piece.  Your response time to everything is right on point.  That was my big worry switching over to DFS from Penske.  I didn’t believe that getting someone to show up on site was faster than us just driving it over to Penske. You have made me a believer and I hope the great service continues.”

3. Find Issues Before They Become Costly Repairs

As many of us know all too well,  when it comes to automotive repairs little things can become big issues and lead to big costs.  It’s for this reason that we offer mobile truck maintenance services in addition to the repairs that come up.  Our goal is to become familiar with your fleet by staying consistent with routine services and monitoring any small issues that might arise before they become major complications down the road.  By doing so, we’ve been incredibly effective at keeping our customers moving with optimal performance and up-time from their fleet.

4. Easy Billing & Payment

Part of our Maintenance Select program is offering monthly consolidated electronic billing.  This makes it far easier for our clients to stay on top of cost tracking and budgeting for all truck repair and maintenance needs.  Additionally, we’ve developed a software called TRAIT® which allows for easy, direct and electronic communication directly with our clients on a nightly basis with consistent and timely billing.  Communication is the key when it comes to billing and we strive to make this piece of the puzzle as straightforward as possible for our customers.

5. Take Advantage Of The Latest Technology

With our mobile truck repair and maintenance services, we enable both our technicians and our customers to take advantage of the latest technology to make life easier.  In fact, we recently introduced a new mobile maintenance truck which gives our technicians some new features such as a Complete Self Contained Fluid Vacuum System allowing them to do their job more efficiently.  We also rolled out the new Dickinson mobile app (available for Apple and Android devices) which makes it easier than ever to schedule mobile truck repair services. 

Dickinson Fleet App

Try Mobile Truck Repair – See The Difference

We’re confident after trying our mobile truck repair and maintenance services that you’ll see the difference immediately. 
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