Setting the Standard for Customer Care

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At Dickinson Fleet Services, the fine individuals working in our Customer Care Call Center truly CARE about our clients. We’re firm believers in providing exceptional customer service, of course, but are also firm in training our representatives to act as an extension of YOUR team, not just OURS. This means, if there’s something your concerned about…we are too. Our Customer Care Call Center is always available for all scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance needs to make sure we’re assisting you in every possible way, providing the Gold Standard of customer service to our clients.

Recently we received some great feedback from one of our clients that we wanted to share. Take a look below…

“Just wanted to mention how pleasant it is to deal with your call center.

I receive regular calls from your team and they are always pleasant and professional, specifically last night I received a call from Nancy regarding a couple of trucks in Bakersfield and Santa Maria CA. needing clarification on direction. I truly appreciate the attention to detail and the willingness to ask questions to arrive at the right solution. Your team is amazing.

Honestly I believe your call center is the most complete, courteous and professional call center I deal even in my personal matters. Thank you for all you do.”

John T. Moe
Region Fleet Manager, Nestle

Our Customer Care Call Center Commitment

While we were ecstatic to receive this type of feedback, we can’t say that we were surprised. It all starts with our hiring and training in the call center. We look to put the right people in the right place to handle our customer’s needs on THEIR schedule. This means working through details when things arise to make sure communication is clear. This also means making sure that everyone is on the same page with your maintenance and repair plan moving toward a common goal. We want to empower our call center representatives to work with our technicians to take care of our clients in every aspect of our relationship.

Having a solid call center is part of the engine that keeps are business running day in and day out. We want to remind our customers that, in addition to our technicians, we have a team on standby ready to field your call. You can expect to talk with someone friendly, professional and willing to go the extra mile to make sure you receive the best services in the business. So, thank you John for the great testimonial! We looking forward to continuing work with you and the terrific team at Nestle.

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