Trucking Makes Big Splash at CES Conference

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At CES (Consumer Electronics Show), you expect to hear about industry trends, expert insights and future forecasting from leaders in the consumer technology industry. You expect to see the latest gadgets and breakthroughs in electronics from all of the big name manufacturers. But what you might not expect, is to see a big presence from the trucking industry at such an event. Well, all of that is changing now…

That’s right, the past few years trucking has made its presence felt at the leading Consumer Electronics Show. Automated driving, electric and hydrogen-powered trucks, along with technology/app developers for all things transportation-related have made a been showing up big time at this yearly conference. Trucking, which was once thought of to be a dated industry using old technology, is now far from that.

Multiple Application Vehicles

One of the headliners at CES this year was the introduction of multiple application vehicles. Toyota, in partnership with Amazon, Uber and Pizza Hut, is developing a new vehicle known as e-Pallette. The design shown at CES has no windshield or set passenger seating arrangement. The idea is that the vehicle can be configured for a variety of things, including delivery or passenger-van, a parcel delivery truck, a mobile office or even a hotel room. The size of the vehicle is larger than self-driving taxis and smaller than driverless semi-trucks. This is only the beginning of the way the transportation industry is moving. Autonomy, versatility, and environmentally-friendly are the name of the game.

Notable Quote

“CES is becoming an important venue for automotive and trucking because while it’s billed as consumer, it’s really a technology show, and trucks are getting more and more technology embedded in them. They are becoming the next technology focus,” said Chuck Price, vice president of product at TuSimple.

Battery-Electric & Hydrogen-Electric Trucks

Another big shift in the industry is the movement toward alternate powered trucks. In other words, trucks that don’t rely on fuel. At CES this year, Peterbilt showcased its battery-electric models; while Kenworth and Toyota presented a hydrogen-electric truck.
As trucks begin to move toward alternate energy, we expect more developments to be showcased at CES; particularly in the way of improving the number of miles that can be driven on one “charge.”

Future of Trucking at CES

Moving forward, we expect even more trucks and trucking companies to be exhibiting at CES as these movements spread throughout the industry. The bar will continue to be set higher and higher as being present at the show continues to increase the notability of these advances in the way we do transportation and logistics.

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