Change of Seasons = Change of Fleet Maintenance Service Providers

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It’s that time of year when change is in the air. The weather is more unpredictable. The days are shorter. Wetter road conditions are more likely. There’s increased traffic as the holiday season is upon us. Let’s just say, traffic and weather changes during Fall can bring about challenges for everyone sharing the road – especially CDL drivers.

It’s also a time when many Fleet Managers consider changing their maintenance and repair service providers. With the new year approaching, evaluating things such as expenses and performance seems only natural. It’s during this time, where many things are realized that could potentially create downtime. Specifically being ahead of/prepared for necessary Winter maintenance such as tires, brakes, lights, etc.

When Fleet Managers begin to “peel back the onion” so to speak, more often than not their frustrations come down to communication from their maintenance provider. Are they on the same page with budget? Do they communication what is/isn’t being done in a timely manner? Did they take the proper precautions to make sure my trucks are ready for Winter? It’s better to address these questions sooner rather than later. But often times, it’s during the final months of the year that these things really creep up and Fleet Managers decide it’s time to make a change.

The Dickinson Difference

Dickinson Fleet Services utilizes proprietary technology such as TRAIT & WebWrench to bridge the communication gap between our technicians and customer. TRAIT stands for “Technician Reporting And Information Tool” which enhances our technicians ability to provide consistent and quality inspections time and time again. With instant repair information being available to our customers, there’s never a question on what is being done to your fleet. And then there’s WebWrench…

WebWrench makes it easy to keep an eye on expenses helping you track and control costs. With TRAIT and WebWrench combined, our technicians are communicating directly with the customer on a day-in and day-out basis about the repairs that are being made along with the status of their fleet condition. This means no more being blindsided by unexpected repair costs that are way outside of budget.

At very few other places will you get real-time information on both your budget and maintenance plan at your fingertips. Using WebWrench and TRAIT together, Dickinson is able to provide that information not only by vehicle, but also by component. This allows us to sit down with you, our customers, on a regular basis to make the best decisions possible about the health of your fleet.

Time for a Change?

So as the weather continues to change, maybe it’s time to ask yourself if any of the information above rings true to you. If you’re struggling to figure out what went wrong with your fleet maintenance plan in 2017, we urge you to contact us online or call 855-DFS-4111

More on Dickinson Fleet Services

Dickinson Fleet is the nation’s leader in mobile truck maintenance and repair. We currently have 300 mobile trucks equipped with state of the art technology visiting our customers nightly across 40 states in nearly every major city in the country.

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