Dickinson Recognized by CIO Applications as a Top 10 Telematics Solutions Provider

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Dickinson Fleet Services has been recognized by CIO Applications as a Top 10 Telematics Solutions Provider. A featured article is included in the CIO Applications Special Edition Magazine on Telematics. It includes a conversation with our very own Mike Dickinson, Executive Officer, and Pat Fife, CIO of Dickinson Fleet Services. In this article, these 2 key leaders of our company share their insights into our value proposition and the quality fleet management solutions that we offer in the telematics space. You can read the full article here and see our featured page on the CIO Applications website here, but we also wanted to share some of the highlights below…

Setting the Standard for Telematics

With technology advancing, Fleet Managers must ensure that their fleet is efficient and safe with minimal expenses and idle time. We’ve been able to establish our company as a leader in the mobile fleet service industry by focusing on delivering excellence in preventative maintenance that encompasses quality, communication, safety, and technology.

“Our fleets of trucks that carry out in-field vehicle repairs are connected through a custom, in-house field service app. This app communicates to our back-office systems with interfaces to capture real-time information about the repairs and maintenance being done on customers’ equipment in the field and bill that up to our customers. On the backside, our customer-facing portal, WebWrench, an online maintenance cost tracking software, allows customers to log in and see all their information that passes through our systems, enabling them to track and control their maintenance costs. From preventive maintenance scheduling and invoicing to observing repair history, we ensure compliance with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. That gives Dickinson an edge over its competition,” said Pat Fife.

Why Develop Our Own Applications?

As our company began to grow, we knew we needed to find something that would allow us to operate on a national scale. There was a growing need to transmit information efficiently between our technicians, our customers, and our home office. Our Executive Officer, Mike Dickinson captured this vision in the article…

“We needed to have the ability to work with the customers’ top parameters for maintenance and specialized vehicles by creating and developing our own systems. We were able to create customizable PM forms and customized reporting specific to the fleets and the customer needs of data reconciliation. It was critical to have that ability to react quickly to our customer’s needs,” said Mike Dickinson.

Our Approach to Telematics & Truck Maintenance

At Dickinson Fleet Services, we pride ourselves on taking a unique, forward-thinking approach to our business. We put ourselves in the position to be very agile in the truck repeat and maintenance space by investing in technology resources in-house, rather than outsourcing it. Here’s the way we see things…

“We are an IT company that focuses on truck maintenance, always looking for ways to develop and enhance our service on a frame with a hint of innovative ideas and technologies. All our systems are developed internally that allow us to react quickly towards customer needs in order to stay ahead of the competition and start development well in advance,” said Mike Dickinson.

Processing Client Information in the Telematics Space

We want to use technology to our advantage. This means providing information in real-time during every step of the process – from scheduling to completion. With each new tool we develop, our efficiency and communication are improved throughout the truck maintenance and repair process.

“Since we perform repairs in the field, we capture customers’ information from cradle to grave. From scheduling to initiating work at the customer’s location, to sending push reports of the work performed to the customer and reporting that bulk of information, the customer can keep an archive of all the tasks performed using our fleet management system,” said Pat Fife

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For a more in-depth look at how we’re using telematics, what our employee onboarding process looks like and what the future holds at Dickinson Fleet Services, you can see our featured vendor page on the CIO Applications website here.

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