Dickinson Fleet Services Partners with Triad Diagnostic Solutions

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Dickinson Fleet Services Partners with Triad Diagnostic Solutions.

Indianapolis, IN. (February 21, 2018) – Dickinson Fleet Services is pleased to announce DFS has partnered with Triad Diagnostic Solutions of Fishers, Indiana to provide complete diagnostic solutions across all makes and models. The use of Triad’s products and software will allow Dickinson Fleet Services to service their customers more efficiently and provide a seamless repair and maintenance experience.  The Triad products and software provide DFS technicians with the diagnostic information to address the root cause of the problem and fix it the first time and pre-diagnose problems before they occur.

“Today’s fleet of vehicles require a high level of technical expertise in order to diagnose and repair. By partnering with Triad Diagnostic Solutions and implementing their products and services DFS will be able to quickly assess the problem and get our customers back on the road and even identify and prevent issues before they become problems.  Dickinson Fleet Services is honored to partner with Triad Diagnostic Solutions”, said Ted Coltrain, Executive Officer at Dickinson Fleet Services

Triad Diagnostic Solutions is excited to partner with Dickinson Fleet Services. In addition to their products and software, the Triad service will offer; on-site training for technicians, ongoing webinars and a technician repair hotline from their experienced network of technicians, providing a single diagnostic solution with guidance in the utilization of Jaltest software during the repair process for all makes and models.

“Triad offers tremendous reduction in ongoing costs and technical support requirements of current diagnostic platforms that rely on a variety of aftermarket and OEM software.  We are looking forward to implementing our systems and providing Dickinson with a single efficient solution to their diagnostic and repair services.” said Greg Reimmuth, President at Triad Diagnostic Solutions.

More on Dickinson Fleet Services

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Dickinson Fleet Services has grown into one of the largest independent fleet maintenance and management companies in the country. Dickinson Fleet Services is the leading provider of on-site mobile maintenance and repair services nationwide. Offering mobile on-site maintenance and repair services for light, medium and heavy-duty trucks and trailers with over 300 mobile units operating in 40 states. DFS services several fleet customers with 15 company owned maintenance facilities each offering select services from accident repair, paint, refurbishment and dedicated technician services combined with our in-house CARES CALL center 24/7 repair assistance. DFS has made significant investments in training and technology such as; WebWrench® (Maintenance tracking and scheduling through proprietary technology) and TRAIT® (Real time reporting and dynamic preventative maintenance inspection process through proprietary field service application) and is the only fleet services company in the nation to provide both fleet maintenance and management to their clients nationwide.

More on Triad Diagnostic Solutions

Triad Diagnostic Solutions is the premier provider of Jaltest Single Source software. Jaltest Commercial Vehicle software virtually eliminates the need for all class 3 through 8 aftermarket and OEM diagnostic software.  Jaltest covers over 100 brands of vehicles and components and includes hundreds of thousands of diagnostic trouble codes with tens of thousands of troubleshooting and repair information guides, circuit diagrams, technical specifications, bi-directional testing capabilities, parameter resets, and calibrations.

Jaltest also includes a cloud-based storage system for vehicle health reports which documents the vehicle diagnostic condition before and after the repair along with the diagnostic and repair routine followed by the technician.

Triad provides a Technicians Support Hotline staffed by certified, experienced technicians providing your shop with guidance of the diagnostic and repair process along with ongoing Jaltest software training.


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