Do Self-Driving Trucks Mean Healthier Drivers?

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When we think about health, typically the main focus falls on the physical aspect.  Yet, the mental side of health is just as important.  This is especially true when it comes to truck driving.  

Truck drivers deal with a lot of stress and isolation which can lead to poor mental health.  When you couple this with extended time away from home, many drivers begin to suffer from conditions such as PTSD.  

So what are drivers to do?  The truth is many truck drivers who sincerely need help when it comes to mental health will never seek it.  So another option out there is for trucking companies to make the trucks themselves and the day-to-day job requirements more comfortable for the driver.

Enter self-driving/autonomous trucks.  While many people see these trucks as “threats” to the industry, truth be told is that they may actually make the truck driver’s job easier and more comfortable.  Both of these qualities can create a happier, healthier truck driver in the way of mental health.
We’re not suggesting that this is the “cure” to truck driver mental health problems, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.  By giving drivers the ability to put their truck on auto-pilot, the driver has the opportunity to relax a little more.  As self-driving trucks become more widespread, drivers will become more trusting and feel safer behind the wheel   This will help prevent accidents, decrease traffic jams and create less stressful situations on the road.  Further, as the technology is adopted and rules in the industry change, drivers may have the ability to do other things while the autonomous technology takes over.  This means more time for hobbies, rest, etc.  All of these things can lead to a more balanced life for the driver, creating a higher level of satisfaction and better overall mental health.

There’s no doubt, an adjustment period will take place once self-driving trucks become mainstream.  It’s also likely that during this time period, stress may even be a little higher among truck drivers.  But statistics indicate that truck drivers will be safer, their job will be easier and overall they’ll be more freed up to do the things that make them healthier and happier.  

At Dickinson Fleet Services, we have the same general outlook for our technicians and employees.  We’re committed to giving them the tools they need to allow them to do their job better and more comfortably.  The result is a happier, healthier employee performing at a high level.  

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