Does Trucking Have New Technology Overload?

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We’ve covered a lot of technology updates lately here on the Dickinson Fleet blog.

Everything from wearables in trucking

to transportation management systems

to wellness seats

and, of course, self-driving trucks.

Blinded by Shiny Tech Gadgets

Fleet Management System

Technology makes truckers more connected, more comfortable and (hopefully) more profitable.  It helps attract the younger generation to an otherwise aging industry.  

As great as new technology is and as fun as it is to talk about, we still sometimes need to pause before we suffer from technology overload!

This is true with anything in life and trucking is no exception.  Sometimes you just have to get back to the basics.  For example, all to often we find ourselves glued to our phones when a simple face-to-face conversation is just what we need.  And when it comes to transportation, the basics are treating your drivers well and making sure their trucks get the repairs and maintenance they deserve.  

Technology or Technicians?

Too often, fleets get the big-eyed syndrome and rush out to invest in the latest technology while missing the mark on the essentials.

Ask yourself, what good is a more comfortable seat or a more connected truck if it’s broken down all the time?  Aside from poor pay, the easiest way to create a frustrated driver is to put them behind the wheel of a truck with past due repairs and maintenance.  

It’s somewhat understandable.  I mean, finding a reliable semi truck repair and maintenance shop with certified technicians can be easier said that done.  This means, often times, fleets just put band-aids on their truck repair maintenance issues until the next time they creep up.

We can promise you this – having a reliable technician and equipment that works is more important to your drivers than having the latest in technology.  

Maintenance Select


This is why Dickinson Fleet offers a program that provides mobile semi truck maintenance and repair to our customers at their location when they need it most!  

Our account managers and technicians form working relationships with our customers that deliver consistent satisfaction.  Uptime is increased and driver equipment complaints are decreased. 

Having a solid truck repair and maintenance schedule is about getting back to the basics.  So, before you invest in the next big thing in trucking, we encourage you to pause to make sure you have the core components running smoothly.

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