Driver Safety & Fatigue News from MATS 2016

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The Mid-America Truck Show, or “MATS” is a chance for companies in the trucking industry to unveil new products, showcase new trucks, all while connecting with drivers.


From its website, “MATS is the largest annual heavy-duty trucking industry event in the world. Held each year at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY. The show attracts 70,000 attendees and 1,000+ exhibitors from throughout the United States and abroad.”

This year, the conference began in Louisville on March 31st and wrapped up April 2nd. Some of the big announcements from this industry show echo the themes of driver safety and fatigue that we have been featuring right here on the Dickinson Fleet blog. Let’s take a closer look…

Driver Safety

A new OnLane lane departure system was announced by WABCO. This is a high quality camera system that monitors the trucks position with lane markings and notifies the driver when seemingly unintentional lane changes are noticed.

Further, this new technology integrates with SmartDrive’s video-based driver performance management which allows Fleet Managers to analyze habits and coach their team on efficiency and safety. This gives nearly real-time monitoring capabilities which can go a long way in improving driver safety.

Driver Fatigue

A new fatigue management system was announce by Seeing Machines’ Guardian at MATS. This is currently in the testing phase, but is showing some promising results.

This is a driver-facing camera system that analyzes the driver’s movements, such as eyelids closing or head nodding, and alarms the driver. All settings are determined by the Fleet Manager, so he or she can decide what the thresholds should be when it comes to driver performance. Once a driver falls outside of the acceptable levels, the alarms will be activated in the way of seat vibration, rumbles, beeps and a whistle.

Again, monitoring is the key here. A report can be sent nearly instantaneously to the Fleet Manager to see how each driver is performing.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear to see the transportation industry is focused on further connecting the driver to the road and to the company he/she drives for. Especially when it comes to health and safety. It will be interesting to follow these trends through the end of this year and into next. Stay up to date with the industry right here on the Dickinson Fleet Blog!