How We Empower Our Technicians

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Fleet Owner recently published an article on the best practices for recruiting and retaining truck technicians. As you might imagine, this is a topic we have been focused on at Dickinson Fleet Services. Not only do we want to attract top talent to work as part of our team, we also want to keep them. The thing is, this is also true for every other company out there providing maintenance and repair services for semi trucks.

So how do we set ourselves apart from the others? In other words, what makes Dickinson Fleet Services different from company XYZ that’s also focused on recruiting and retaining the best truck technicians. Well, there are some key components that we provide to our team which go unrivaled in the industry. Let’s take a closer look…

Unprecedented Commitment to Safety

Every company will tell you that safety is important. But how many take the necessary steps to make safety a part of their company culture? At Dickinson Fleet Services, we don’t just say we’re safe. We live and breathe safety every single day.

This includes giving our technicians a safe environment to work in as well as equipping them to perform the necessary maintenance and repairs so that our customers’ trucks meet the highest safety standards. We have leadership in place throughout our company in each department and safety is always at the top of their priority list.

Additionally, we’re consistently providing additional training and investing in new equipment, such as trailer platforms, to continue living up to the highest industry standards. We’re also proud to say that we recently conducted an employee survey and our findings showed that overwhelmingly our technicians appreciated the direction we’re moving in regards to safety.

One-of-a-Kind Tools & Technology

Of course the Transport Topics article on retaining technicians mentioned providing technicians with the appropriate tools needed to do their job. But how many companies are investing in as heavily as we are in the technology piece to complement the tools? Not many.

At DFS, we’ve developed an entire suite of proprietary technology to give our technicians the ability to deliver amazing service to our customers in a capacity that no one else can. This is done through our combination of TRAIT® and WebWrench®.

TRAIT® and WebWrench® combined provide direct electronic access for both the technician and customer. This means having critical information is just a couple of screen taps away. Nightly inspection reports are also provided automatically so Fleet Managers never have to guess when it comes to the health of their equipment.

All of the TRAIT® features are combined with the power of WebWrench, Dickinson Fleet’s cost tracking software, to make sure that consistent and timely billing is provided. By keeping the lines of communication open, fleet uptime is increased and trucks are able to stay out on the road. Having this type of information available in realtime also enables clients to control their bottom line by managing repair and maintenance costs effectively.

Pairing TRAIT® with WebWrench® delivers the 1-2 punch that will knockout any Fleet Manager’s truck repair and maintenance frustrations. Making real-time equipment data available along with billing information enables easy, intelligent decisions to be made that ultimately increase fleet up-time on a manageable budget. This is why Dickinson Fleet customers tell us all the time that our team feels like an extension of theirs.

Amazing Career Growth Potential

At Dickinson Fleet Services, we are in growth mode in the way of company acquisitions. This means that our employees have the opportunity to advance their career at an accelerated rate by demonstrating the right ability and attitude. With every new move our company makes to expand, doors are opening up to different career paths are employees can follow.

We also give our technicians the opportunity to see how they rank among their peers by hosting our annual Top Tech Competition. This allows them to identify areas they’d like to improve on in a fun, yet competitive environment. They are then provided with the necessary support and training to continue improving throughout their career with us.

Ready to Work for Dickinson Fleet Services?
Our technicians are at the top of everything we do and we are committed to empowering them throughout their careers. If you’re a qualified diesel mechanic who’d like to join our team, visit: https://dickinsonfleet.com/careers/ or email jobs@DickinsonFleetServices.com.

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