Dickinson Fleet Continues Partnership with EPA’s SmartWay Program

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Indianapolis, Indiana, (January 22, 2018) In an effort to continue moving toward a sustainable, more environmentally friendly footprint in trucking, Dickinson Fleet has continued its partnership with the SmartWay Way program. Freight transportation is one of the fastest growing impacts on the environment and as consumer demand increases, DFS is committed to responding with the most efficient and cleaner transportation practices. Having fulfilled the SmartWay Partnership requirements for 2018, Dickinson Fleet will now have access to an exclusive tool to obtain information that showing sustainability reports and year-to-year performance as the company continues to improve environmental performance.

The Dickinson Fleet company name will now officially be posted on the EPA.gov website at https://www.epa.gov/smartway/smartway-partner-list as an active SmartWay Partner. Dickinson Fleet knows that partnering with SmartWay is good for business, people and the environment. Moving forward with the EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership will greatly help the company and its customers achieve freight supply chain sustainability goals by providing credible tools, data, and standards.

The SmartWay Advantage

Many companies monitor their fuel consumption and emissions to create an idea of their overall footprint to help make decisions within the company regarding sustainability. The thing about that is that most companies focus on reporting activities that are under their direct control, (e.g., their manufacturing operations) and from direct energy production or purchases.

While these direct, controlled emissions make up a large part of the company’s footprint, indirect emissions from sources upstream and downstream in the supply chain often represent a very significant as well. These indirect emissions consist of a broad range of activities, including freight transportation activities.

Most companies have a very difficult time getting the data needed to report their emissions from transportation.  However, SmartWay Partners have direct access to high-quality freight-related emissions data that non-SmartWay Partners don’t.  This is a huge advantage that improves how Dickinson Fleet does business.

More on EPA SmartWay

SmartWay is a voluntary and cost-free program that supports companies’ initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from freight supply chain transportation activities.EPA’s SmartWay program helps companies advance supply chain sustainability by measuring, benchmarking, and improving freight transportation efficiency.  Through SmartWay technology verification and branding, EPA has accelerated availability, adoption and market penetration of fuel-saving technologies and operational practices while helping companies save fuel, lower costs and reduce adverse environmental impacts.  SmartWay implements its goals to lower freight carbon footprints by conducting analysis and research of freight impacts, engaging with freight experts, anticipating and responding to trends, developing strategic resources and communication strategies, and serving as an international model

More on Dickinson Fleet Services

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Dickinson Fleet Services has grown into one of the largest independent fleet maintenance and management companies in the country. Dickinson Fleet Services is the leading provider of on-site mobile maintenance and repair services nationwide. Offering mobile on-site maintenance and repair services for light, medium and heavy-duty trucks and trailers with over 300 mobile units operating in 40 states. DFS services several fleet customers with 15 company owned maintenance facilities each offering select services from accident repair, paint, refurbishment and dedicated technician services combined with our in-house CARES CALL center 24/7 repair assistance. DFS has made significant investments in training and technology such as; WebWrench® (Maintenance tracking and scheduling through proprietary technology) and TRAIT® (Real time reporting and dynamic preventative maintenance inspection process through proprietary field service application) and is the only fleet services company in the nation to provide both fleet maintenance and management to their clients nationwide.


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