Does Your Fleet Need This Technology in 2018?

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Technology Trends 2018

Staying up-to-date with technology is a big deal in the transportation industry. When it comes to logistics having information and data available in real time is everything…and technology allows just that. At Dickinson Fleet Services, we invest in technology internally and are committed to keeping our customers informed with the trends that we’re seeing. Today, we’d like to share three different technologies that can improve your fleet management performance in 2018.

Dynamic Routing

A GPS is one thing, but dynamic routing is a whole new animal. Including real-time data that pulls in more accurate traffic and weather conditions can allow you to adjust the path taken to move goods from point to point. The result is a better understanding of exactly what type of situation your drivers are facing and could face as things continue to develop. This leads to making adjustments on the spot even when it may differ from the original plan. Downtime and delays are minimized when you’re able to process and react to data in a quicker manner because of technology.

When it comes to trip planning and routing, getting better, more accurate information to optimize truck routes every day and every time just makes good business sense. Not only can it help you stay on time, but it also can allow you to manage the equipment you’re utilizing better while controlling costs. On top of that, you’re able to provide better service and keep drivers happy because you’re investing in helping them perform better at their job. The end result is happier customers AND employees.

Front Facing Cameras

All too often, truck drivers are the first to get the blame for any type of accident. Yet, many times it’s not actually the CDL driver’s fault. The sheer size of the truck alone often makes them the target. But how is a driver to prove that he/she didn’t cause the wreck? Front facing cameras can certainly help make things clearer.

In-cab cameras have their pros and cons. While dash cams that face in the truck have stirred up some controversy over the years, forward facing cameras have now saved thousands of drivers losing their CDL and costing themselves/their company a lot of money when they might have been the victim of erroneous insurance claims.

In-cab cameras have improved greatly over the years in terms of picture quality, storage space and overall performance. And as this technology continues to be adopted, it will become more widely accepted across the industry. When it comes to front facing cameras, it isn’t about watching your drivers – it’s about watching out for them. Getting a complete view of an accident can protect your drivers and your bottom line.

Temperature Tracking

As part of the Food Safety Modernization Act, those involved in transporting human and animal food including shippers, carriers and receivers must follow best practices for sanitary transportation. This requires fleets to properly refrigerate good and clean vehicles in between loads to prevent contamination during transportation.

The bottom line is that shippers WANT to do business with fleets who are implementing this type of technology. While the new rules will not officially be enforced until mid 2018, complying with the new rules and providing documentation NOW will only help.

The majority of the new refrigerated units today are able to transmit the internal temperature within the trailer as well as the GPS position so that the fleet management system can properly track and monitor things during pick and delivery. Maintaining a steady temperature control can get difficult with doors being opened and closed for different periods of time, inevitably allowing warmer air into the trailer. With the temperature tracking technology, Fleet Managers are able to communicate with the driver when/how to fix it.

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