Dickinson Fleet Offering Free Air Conditioning Inspection

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Complete Air Conditioning Services

It’s starting to heat up out there!  Dickinson Fleet Services can help keep you cool with our air conditioning repair services.  From a simple system charge to giving your air conditioning unit a complete overhaul, we’ve got you covered.  All of our air conditioning repair and maintenance services can be done onsite, on your schedule.   Call us now at 855-DFS-4111 to schedule a FREE air conditioning inspection! 

Air Conditioner Not Working Properly?

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in the heat with no air conditioning. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen to your fleet this year.  There are some basic reasons why an air conditioning systems can stop working properly.  Let’s take a look at a few of the most common reasons…

Reason #1
The most likely culprit of an air conditioner cooling problem is no or low refrigerant in your A/C system. Lack of refrigerant in some vehicles will cause the air conditioning compressor not to turn on due to a low pressure safety switch. This protects an expensive air conditioning compressor from possible damage caused by a lack of lubrication.

Reason #2
Compressor failure problems are also common when it comes to air conditioners not functioning properly. This is typically due to a of loss of lubrication, which in turn can be caused by low refrigerant in the system, or a blockage in the orifice tube. This will affect refrigerant and oil from circulating to the compressor correctly.

Reason #3
Another air conditioning issue could be built up moisture in your A/C system causing ice to form and block the orifice tube. This can create a serious restriction that stops the flow of refrigerant and oil through your A/C system.  In most cases the air contamination is due to a leak in the system that needs to be addressed.

Reason #4
One simple factor that could be causing the issue is a dirty air conditioning evaporator or air conditioning condenser. 


Truck Repair & Maintenance
The best way to keep a fleet of trucks cool and in working order all year long is with our maintenance select program.  This allows us to perform regular checks on things like air conditioning systems to prevent setbacks and breakdowns from occurring.  Our maintenance select program gives our customers the peace of mind in knowing that all of their needs are handled by a dedicated technician and account manager. 

Contact us today online or call 855-DFS-4111 for more information on our maintenance select program!