Make Your Fleet Maintenance Easy

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Always A Need for Truck Maintenance

_MG_0052-EditNo matter the size of your fleet, there will always be a need for ongoing truck maintenance and repairs.  And when it comes to fleet maintenance, the two main points any manager must consider are cost control and quality of service.  Simply put – fleet managers want to do business with a company that’s easy to work with and one that will allow them to maximize budget control.

Introducing Maintenance Select

Dickinson Fleet Services proudly offers a program called maintenance select.  This makes it easy for our customers to manage a fleet as we take care of all the ongoing maintenance through our mobile service.  This means all repairs are scheduled when it’s convenient for the customer and the trucks never even leave the lot.  Furthermore, our online Preventative Maintenance (PM) cost tracking software called WebWrench® makes it easy to track and control costs.

5 Top Benefits of the Maintenance Select Program:

#1 – Monthly consolidated electronic billing
#2 – PM tracking for 90%+ currency
#3 – Nightly mobile service to branches
#4 – Electronic communications nightly with management
#5 – Third party management with any outsourced work.

Prevent Big Truck Repair Costs

There’s nothing worse than unexpected, large costs for truck repairs.  Another goal of the Maintenance Select program offered by Dickinson Fleet is to prevent and/or minimize the need for these costly repairs.  By having an account manager that works directly with our customers, we’re able to maintain a full electronic history of each truck in every fleet.  This means we can do our best to spot potential issues before they surface and help our customers stay on track with budget.

Mobile Service Is The Answer
Our mobile truck maintenance and repair service is the answer.  As we discussed here by doing all maintenance on-site at your location, on your schedule, it’s far easier for you to stay focused on what really matters – growing YOUR business.  We’ll handle the rest and your trucks don’t even need to leave your lot.  It simply doesn’t get any more convenient than that.

Getting Started
To get started with our Maintenance Select program, just contact us online here or call 855-DFS-4111.