Mobile Paperwork Management for Truckers

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Let’s face it. No one really enjoys it.

But paperwork is a necessary evil of trucking. Paperwork is a necessary part of just about any business. Sure, as a whole we are going much more digital and mobile – but paperwork in some form still exists.

This is especially true in trucking. It’s not just about driving an 18 wheeler. Being organized and processing paperwork efficiently is a very important piece to the puzzle. And when you’re driving from city to city, state to state, it can get downright difficult to keep things done quickly and accurately.

This has spurred many fleets to begin looking at ways to harness technology to make things easier on the drivers and themselves when it comes to paperwork. Because, frankly, drivers who have to do less paperwork are happier drivers. They just don’t feel as bogged down.

Transflo Mobile

Minimizing Paperwork

So, how are fleets doing it? Well, many are turning to mobile apps such as TRANSFLO Mobile+ from Pegasus. From its website, TRANSFLO Mobile+ is an enterprise-grade mobile application that provides a one-stop solution to simplify processes, speed cash flow and optimize communications for carriers, brokers and drivers. Applications such as TRANSFLO Mobile+ make it easy for drivers to transmit important documents immediately after delivery – helping to improve accuracy and timeliness vs. doing it all manually.

Further, using smartphone apps such as TRANSFLO Mobile+ can greatly improve the efficiency in 2 very important situations for drivers – getting paid and getting accident/damage claims submitted. Drivers are able to easily access information showing load payments and view settlement history. Likewise, in the event of an accident claim they can take color photos and electronically fill out the required paperwork.

Driver Satisfaction

“By going mobile, we’ve moved several tasks into an improved workflow and have received very positive feedback from drivers,” shared Matt Herndon, Chief Operating Officer of P.A.M. in this article. “Efficiency and driver satisfaction are key for us, and we are accomplishing both in new ways. It’s an exciting shift for the industry.”

Overall Theme

The overall theme when it comes to paperwork is minimizing the amount of time spent on doing repetitive tasks which wear the driver drown and shift focus away from getting from Point A to Point B safely while being on time. Doing so can greatly improve the efficiency of the company and effectiveness of the driver. TRANSFLO Mobile+ is one solutions that can help your company get there.

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