Schedule Mobile Truck Repair with Your Phone

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A Mobile App for a Mobile Industry

Scheduling mobile truck repair and maintenance services has never been more convenient.  Designed for an industry that’s always on the move, Dickinson Fleet Services has rolled out a new iPhone and Android app.  Our new app makes requesting service or repair for your fleet something that can be done anytime, anywhere with just a few simple clicks on your phone.

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Dickinson Fleet App

How Our Mobile Truck Repair App Works

Scheduling Truck Repair Services

Using the Dickinson Fleet App, just enter some simple information regarding your service request such as name, phone, location and problem. This data will be transmitted via our technicians’ proprietary Tech Reporting and Information Tool, TRAIT.  Dickinson Fleet Services will respond to your service request within 24 hours, sending a notification back to you with a scheduled repair date and time.  It’s that easy.

Service Request

Why Get the Dickinson Fleet App?
– Streamline service with scheduling in 24 hours or less.
– Avoid the hassle and downtime of “calling in” service requests to a call center.
– Connect with the repair expertise and customized service Dickinson Fleet Services is known for.

Other Dickinson Fleet App Features
In addition to making it easier to schedule mobile truck repair services, the Dickinson Fleet app allows you to stay connected with us.  Set up a “Near Me Alert” to find the closest location.  Quickly access all of our contact information and directions right from the home screen.  Stay updated with the latest Dickinson Fleet news and helpful tips with feeds from our website and social media accounts.  This app puts all things related to our company at your fingertips.

More App Features

A Business Partner In Your Pocket

We truly believe in creating a business partnership with our clients.  This means giving you (the customer) every tool possible to make it easy to contact us and get the mobile truck repair services you need.  With the introduction of our new Dickinson Fleet Services app, you can now think of us as your mobile business partner in your pocket.  Wherever you may be at whatever time, requesting maintenance/repair is just a few clicks away.  Please take a moment to download the Dickinson Fleet app on your Apple or Android device to take advantage of this service right now!

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