Performance Food Group Chooses Dickinson Fleet Services for Truck Maintenance

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Performance Food Group (www.pfgc.com) has partnered with Dickinson Fleet Services (DFS) to handle its truck repair and maintenance needs.  As the parent company to a leading family of food service distributors, Performance Food Group (PFG) delivers food and food-related products to more than 150,000 independent and national chain restaurants, quick-service eateries, pizzerias, theaters, schools, hotels, healthcare facilities and other institutions.  Being able to provide reliable, on-time deliveries is of the utmost importance when servicing these industries –  and it all starts with having a well-maintained fleet of trucks.  That’s where Dickinson Fleet comes in…

Performance Food Group Logo

More On The Performance Food Group Partnership

Performance Food Group is based out of Richmond, Virginia; mobile services will begin in the Houston, Texas facility.  PFG currently has over 50 trucks in the Houston market that DFS will be responsible for servicing with preventative maintenance and repairs.  By using the Houston facility as a launching pad, Dickinson Fleet will have an opportunity to expand its services to the entire PFG fleet of over 4,000 trucks.  Through its mobile on-site services and Tech Reporting & Information Tool (TRAIT®), DFS will be able to quickly and easily deliver all relevant information regarding the health of trucks at every location back to the appropriate personnel within PFG.  As with all DFS clients, Dedicated Account Managers & Technicians will be assigned to PFG location as the service area grows to ensure consistent communication.

Mobile Service Trucks

An Extension Of The PFG Team

Dickinson Fleet Services was able to bring its team together to share the national scope of how providing mobile, on-site truck repair service to a client as large as PFG is extremely cost effective.  This was a total team effort from Dick Dickinson, Owner,  Tim MacQueen, Region VP Southeast, and John Moseley, Region Service Manager Southwest.  DFS was able to illustrate it’s national scope of services with the biggest advantages being improved technology and communication that will allow Dickinson Fleet to act as an extension of the PFG team. 

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