Save Your Tires – Proper Tire Inflation is a Big Deal

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According to CVSA, if the tread depth on a steer tire is less than 2/32 of an inch in two adjacent grooves, then the vehicle is placed out of service until the tire is replaced. The tires on all other wheel positions must have a tread depth of at least 1/32 when measured in any two adjacent grooves at three separate locations at least 8 in. apart around the circumference of the tire or the vehicle is placed out of service.

Don’t Underestimate Properly Inflated Tires

No fleet owner want to have a truck placed out of service because of tires that are too worn, too early! This is something that can be prevented with proper vehicle maintenance. And monitoring tire inflation is a BIG PART of that maintenance. Checking the overall condition of your fleet’s tires is part of our mobile maintenance plan, but we also recommend using automatic tire monitoring among your drivers. The goal here is to give your fleet everything they need to properly inflate tires as needed. Here are some tire inflation reminders:

  • Remember that an underinflated tire is always much more serious than a tire being a few PSI overinflated.
  • Don’t overcompensate for temperature. Changes in temperature rarely create a problem for properly inflated tires.
  • Develop a routine as to when you check the air pressure in your tires. Make it a part of your job.

Tires can be a HUGE Expense

Tire costs can quickly add up, especially when you are talking about a large fleet. When managed properly, however, replacing tires can be a planned expense (for the most part) that’s much easier to budget. In other words, it’s much easier to know you’re going to need to replace some tires in 6 months than to deal with a blowout in 8 months because you let things slip through the cracks. At that point, more damage can occur and there are more expenses involved.

Your most important assets are literally riding on your tires. Tires are being maxed out and expected to perform in every changing conditions. While they’re always being worn down, you (and your fleet) have some control over how past this happens. For example, did you know that:

  • Just a 10 percent difference in air pressure between duals can cause enough variation in diameter to produce irregular wear in tires.
  • For every 10 percent of underinflation, a 1 percent reduction in fuel economy will occur. This can add up quickly multiplied across thousands of miles and several trucks.
  • Running a tire constantly underinflated by 20 percent will reduce tread life by 30 percent.
  • Running at 40 percent underinflation will reduce tire life by 50 percent.

* For more on the impact of properly inflated tires, check out this article on Overdrive

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