Safety Award Standouts from Dickinson’s Annual Meeting

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At Dickinson Fleet Services, we have created a safety culture. This means we don’t just make safety a priority sometimes, it’s our #1 priority ALL THE TIME. By fostering this culture, safety has become our way of life and is engrained in everything we do throughout our entire company. In taking this approach, we demonstrate to our employees how much we care about their well being and empower them to make the best decisions for themselves, as well as our customers.

Throughout the year, we provide safety training to both new and existing employees. Safety is a huge part of their core curriculum and we make an effort to provide continued learning opportunities on every level of our company. As part of our safety initiative, members of our team are rewarded for milestones through our Dickinson Dollars program. This gives some additional incentive to keep safety at the top of mind, all the time.

In addition to recognizing our top performers in regards to safety milestones throughout the year, we honor the best of the best at our annual meeting held in beautiful Florida. During our celebration ceremony, we present awards to both individuals on the mobile maintenance side of things; as well as the shop locations who meet the highest standard of safety with zero injuries and accidents. This year, the winners were….

Zero Injuries & Zero Accidents in 2018


  • 70-005 TONY DONDIEGO
  • 71-001 ROBERT DALEY
  • 71-002 LOUIS WALL
  • 73-003 JR LIMON


  • Addison, Illinois – Jason Sabisky
  • Cincinnati, Ohio – Ryam Elmlinger
  • Dallas, Texas – Alex Cisneros
  • Houston, Texas -Christopher Lyerly
  • Miami, Florida – Alfredo Prince
  • Orlando South – William Miller
  • Pennsburg, Pennsylvania – Steve Leber


We are extremely proud of these individuals driving mobile trucks as well as the shops that upheld our commitment to safety, without fail, throughout the entire year in 2018.  We’d also like to call special attention to our Cincinnati, Dallas, Miami and Pennsburg shops; all of which have now gone at least 3 years with no accidents or injuries!  Our 2018 performance when it comes to safety was our best yet and we look forward to make 2019 even better!