Safety Focus ALL Year Long – Your New Year’s Resolution

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Safety…this always comes up around the holidays. There’s more traffic, so there’s more focus on creating safer roadways for all of us. But what if we ALL were to focus on safety ALL year round. Then what would happen?

Well, that’s the very approach we took at Dickinson Fleet Services when we made the determination we were going to create a SAFETY CULTURE. We weren’t just going to make safety a priority sometimes, it was going to a be a priority ALL THE TIME. And now, safety has become our way of life, so to speak. It’s ingrained in everything we do. We find that by taking this approach, we see ripple effects extending far beyond anything we could have thought possible. Here’s a look at how we did it…

Safety Program with Rewards

Safety has always been at the core of who we are and what we do. Our employees are trained with safety as their number 1 focus. This is part of their core curriculum you could say. In addition, members of our team are rewarded for safety milestones through our Dickinson Dollars program. This gives some added incentive to keep safety at the top of mind, all the time.

Extensive Auditing & Technology

In order to make real, measurable progress you have to put systems and processes in place. These are what keep improvements being made ALL YEAR LONG. We have safety committees at each of our location who are in charge of auditing and reporting on how we’re measuring up our standards. This is what helps us hold people accountable through clear expectations.

We also use technology to our advantage when it comes to safety. With the proper equipment and implementation, we’re able to put monitoring in place to correct unsafe driving behaviors.

Here’s to a Safer 2019!!

The truth is, we ALL can do better when it comes to safety. Why? Well, because there’s ALWAYS room for improvement. So if you’re looking back at 2018 and find yourself unhappy with some of your safety numbers, consider making a New Year’s resolution to make safety a focus ALL year long. You might even consider a handy acronym like the one we use in the “FIRST” part of “SAFETY FIRST”

F FIND all hazards.
I IDENTIFY the risks.
R REPORT all incidents.
S STAY focused on the task.
T TOGETHER we are safe.

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