How We Can Show Appreciation for Truck Drivers?

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The Truck Driver Appreciation Week dates have been set. This year, NTDAW it’s going to take place September 9th-15th. This will be a time where we can all come together to show some extra appreciation for the professional drivers who are out there delivering the things we want and need on a daily basis.

There are more than 3.5 million professional men and women in the industry. As many of you know, these drivers work in some of the most demanding conditions out there. Time away from home, braving the elements and navigating the busy roads to make on-time delivers are just a few of the daily challenges professional truckers face. NOW is the time to begin to think about how you can show a little extra love to the important drivers in your life. Whether it’s a friend, family member or employee, every driver deserves to be recognized.

How to Appreciate Truck Drivers

What can the general population do to thank truck drivers? How can we show a little extra appreciation. Aside from acts of kindness such as saying, “thank you” or buying a trucker a meal – the best thing motorists sharing the road with truckers can do is simply give them some extra space. Truck drivers are continuously cut off, honked at and put in tough situations by impatient motorists. Simply giving a driver some space on the highway can go a long, long way.

How about Fleet Managers? Well, one of the best ways a Fleet Manager can tell a truck driver that they appreciate their efforts is to make sure they’re taken care of when it comes to truck maintenance. One of the biggest causes of frustration among drivers is being behind the wheel of a poor piece of equipment that is constantly breaking down or having issues.

Not only does investing in proper maintenance lead to a happier employee, but it saves the company money in the long run because there will be less breakdowns. This truly is a win-win and should be at the top of all Fleet Manager’s lists this time of year. Just imagine calling up one of your drivers during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week and letting he/she know you’re going to put new tires on the truck or fix another issues you know you’ve been putting off. That could really go a long way.

So How Will YOU Show Your Appreciation

Now that we’ve given you some ideas, we challenge you to being to think about how you’ll show your appreciation for our Nation’s truckers during the week of September 9th – 15th. All too often, the sacrifices drivers make are forgotten throughout the year…especially around the holidays. This is a chance to step up our game to show them a little extra love. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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