Speed, Convenience & the Future of Delivery

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We’re busy. And we’re only getting busier…all of us. On top of that, technology is advancing at an alarming rate when it comes to logistics. Speed was already important, but now it has become the name of the game. It’s becoming more convenient to order anything, anytime, from anywhere. 2nd day delivery is now the norm thanks to Amazon, Walmart and others. Same day delivery is the next big thing and many retailers are almost there. To pull it off, though, you’re going to see companies get more creative than ever to combine both speed and convenience.

Kroger to Launch Unmanned Grocery Delivery

For example, Kroger has recently announced that they’re partnering with Bay Area autonomous vehicle startup, Nuro, to test the delivery of groceries in an unmanned road vehicle that will drive itself from the grocery store to a customer’s home. The launch of this program is expected to start THIS fall. Not only will this cut down on time to deliver to each customer’s home, but also cost associated with shipping.  If they can pull it off, this could really be a game changer and challenge to Amazon’s partnership with Whole Foods.

Drone Delivery A Reality

This is no longer far fetched idea. This is soon to become a reality. The need for speed is outweighing some of the U.S. regulations that have been put in place when it comes to unmanned aircrafts sharing space with others. The environmentally friendly drone delivery solutions will present options that just cannot be ignored. Nearly immediate fulfillment of orders at lower costs, less busy roads, fewer accidents and cleaner skies. That’s enough to make this a viable solution. And with Amazon investing heavily in this, it’s only a matter of time.

What Does the Future Hold

The future of logistics may be a combination of autonomous trucks, unmanned road vehicles and drone deliveries. While each of these poses its own set of complications, they each have an amazing list of advantages. Many people worry about job loss in certain sectors, yet the reality may be simply job change. People will still need to be employed behind the scenes to make all of this a reality and there most certainly will be a need for TECHNICIANS. You see, as the game changes, so much of it still remains the same. Routine maintenance on ANY PIECE OF EQUIPMENT will always trump reactive repair when it comes to costs and planning.

Dickinson Fleet is YOUR Fleet Maintenance Partner

Dickinson Fleet Services will be here as things continue to speed up and the world of transportation looks to make delivery even more convenient. We’ll help guide you through what makes sense for your fleet with proactive recommendations and a maintenance plan that works on YOUR SCHEDULE. No matter what this industry looks like in 20 years, we’re going to be providing you with the maintenance and repair solutions you needs to succeed.

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