No Denying It: Speed to Delivery More Important Than Ever Before

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We live in a world of now, now and now. Customers want and expect near immediate gratification when it comes to most things, especially receiving goods. This theme has only been reinforced as online retailers such as Amazon continue to grow. A speedy delivery on goods is no longer a surprise or delight, it’s an expectation.

We’ve reached the point where logistic information can be received in real time and decision can be made on the fly to change things such as: distribution route, distribution method, and more.  With advances in technology, Fleet Managers are able to react quicker than ever before to things such as weather, construction and unexpected delays.  Things such as real drive time and traffic can also be pulled in instantaneously to make adjustments to routes that will help truckers burn less fuel and speed things up.

This puts the pressure to create not just next day delivery, but SAME day delivery.  The bottom line is that customers are currently being trained to expect packages within a couple of days, nearly every time.  What this means is reevaluating the transportation distribution network. It means being innovative about ways to get closer to your customers. Some companies are sharing facilities to provide smaller, more frequent deliveries to customers. Another way to speed up bringing products to market is cross-docking  The way this works is that inbound shipments are received at a cross-dock, unloaded and sorted for final delivery, and redeployed outbound in 24 hours or less.

The Maintenance Factor

In addition to the network analysis, there’s also the maintenance factor. A poor fleet maintenance plan leads to equipment issues and that means truck breakdowns are in the near future. With speed being the name of the game, significant breakdowns just ARE NOT and option. The equation is simple…uptime = making money and on-time deliveries while downtime = losing money and late deliveries.

The nice thing about the maintenance factor is that you can simply hire a company to take the headaches away. That’s right, Dickinson Fleet Services can handle your maintenance needs on YOUR time at YOUR location. Let us keep tabs on your tires, vehicle fluids, crucial systems such as air conditioning units and much more. Don’t let something small turn into something big that hits you with an unexpected SLOW DOWN that makes customers and drivers frustrated.

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Dickinson Fleet is the nation’s leader in mobile truck maintenance and repair. Speed is the name of the game and that’s why we currently have 300 mobile trucks equipped with state of the art technology visiting our customers nightly across 40 states in nearly every major city in the country.

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