4 Fast Tips for Trucking In The Summer

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Summer is here. Temperatures are soaring. As welcomed as the warmth and sun can be, it’s also the time of year when it’s good to share some reminders to help you stay safe while trucking in the heat of summer.

#1 – Check the Brakes

Temperature can have a big impact on your brakes. When the temps get hot, brake fading can occur. This is simply the loss of friction because the brake components can no longer absorb the heat.

As you can imagine, this condition creates increased stopping distances and decreased performance in brake life. The bottom line is that routine maintenance is needed to make sure conditions such as brake fading don’t occur and then worsen.

#2 – Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

The summer heat is prone to cause tire blowouts. When temperatures rise, tires tend to inflate. When the inflated tires come into contact with hot surfaces such as the road, the added friction combined with high speeds can cause blowouts if the tires are not properly inflated.

Part of the pre-trip inspection is checking tires, but proper maintenance is also critical when it comes to extending tire life. Be sure you have a good handle on the health of your fleet’s tires.

trucker-damage-face#3 – Get Protected from the Sun

It’s basic, yet often overlooked by truckers who don’t realize the level of sun exposure they get from driving. The picture of this driver went viral a couple of years ago and certainly makes a statement. As you can see, not protecting yourself from the sun can take it’s toll on your face and body.

Some are familiar with trucker’s arm, you know that funny look similar to a golfer’s tan. Whether it’s your face or arm being exposed, there are some risks associated with it and ones that can be minimized. Window covers, a sun sleeve and sunscreen are all recommended what the summer heat is on.

#4 – Be Aware of Increased Traffic

The 4th of July. Labor Day. Summer vacations. When summer time rolls around, people hit the road. There are more people traveling during the summer months than any other time of year. This simply means that patience needs to be at an all time high and drivers need to be more alert than ever.

Maintenance is Key

These are just 4 quick tips for safe trucking in the summer, but the key is coupling them with a solid maintenance plan. Dickinson Fleet can be your mobile maintenance partner to make sure that your fleet is running efficiently and downtime is minimized.

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