‘Tis The Season to Thank a Trucker

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Thank a Trucker

Thanksgiving may have come and gone, but the season to “ Thank a Trucker ” is far from over. It’s during the holidays that truck drivers have one of the most demanding jobs out there. Tight deadlines, inclement weather, increased traffic and more. Needless to say, showing some extra appreciation during this time of year can go a long way.

Delivering Your Wants & Needs

From the food for holiday meals you enjoy with family to the gifts under the tree, truck drivers are responsible for delivering on all of our wants and needs. Yet, rarely do we stop to think about where everything came from during our holiday celebrations. We simply expect it to be there when we need it. That same expectation is passed on to truck drivers who are asked to consistently make deliveries on time during the busiest of days. And they do, time and time again. Thank you truckers!

Braving the Weather

While many of us may have the option to stay home or take off from work around the holidays, this is the time when truckers are called upon to step up their game – regardless of the weather. With the rise in online ordering through places such as Amazon.com, there are more packages being shipped than ever before. Making it all happen during great weather is a challenge, but when you throw in elements such as snow and ice, it can really mix things up.

Dealing with Increased Traffic

Not only are truckers driving in inclement weather on tight deadlines, they are also faced with increased traffic during the holiday season. People load up their vehicles and travel from all over the world to be with loved ones this time of year. This results in congested highways and sharing the road with more people. While safety is important year round for truckers, it’s especially critical during the Winter months. Having all of the necessary equipment on board in the event of a breakdown/accident such as Winter clothing, extra food/drink and more is an absolute must.

So, How Do You Show You’re Thankful?

Thanking Truckers – Fleet Managers

One of the best ways Fleet Managers can show they’re thankful for all truckers do this time of year is to make sure they’re driving vehicles that are well maintained. This includes staying on top of critical items such as tires, lights, fluids, etc. Putting a driver behind the wheel of a poor piece of equipment during the Winter months sure doesn’t show signs of being thankful!

On the other hand, partnering with a company like Dickinson Fleet Services to provide mobile truck repair and maintenance on YOUR schedule so drivers have minimal downtime is a great way to demonstrate your appreciation.

Thanking Truckers – All Motorists

But, what can the general population do to thank truck drivers? Aside from acts of kindness such as saying, “thank you” or buying a trucker a meal – the best thing motorists sharing the road with truckers can do is simply give them some extra space. Truck drivers are continuously cut off, honked at and put in tough situations by impatient motorists. Simply giving a driver some space on the highway can go a long, long way.

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