Why Tire Inflation Monitoring Is A Big Deal for Fleet Managers

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Tire inflation monitoring is a big deal to any fleet manager.  Why?  Because it means big time savings in fuel and equipment.  While pressure and tread on tires should always be noted during a proper pre-trip inspection, having the ability to continuously monitor tire pressure and auto-inflate tires is a real game changer.  As this technology continues to develop, Dickinson Fleet will be watching closely to see how it can benefit our customers.  Here’s what we know so far…

MTIS Tire Inflation System
This technology was previewed by the MTIS Tire Inflation System for Trucks at the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) 2015 Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition in Nashville.  “We listened carefully to customers who have expressed a need to lower costs due to tire underinflation,” said Jay Craig, president and chief operating officer for Meritor

What Does It Mean For Fleet Managers?
Not only do properly inflated tires mean significant fuel savings, it also means that tires are less likely to blow out and tread on each set of tires will last longer.  This equates to extremely noticeable cost savings in preventable accidents linked to under inflated tires as well as more life out of each set of tires.  Now that’s something every fleet manager can smile about! 

See How It Works
So, how exactly does the technology work?  Take a look at this video from MTIS…

The PSI in each tires is constantly being monitored and a control unit is able to send the exact amount of air needed from an air tank to the under-inflated tire wherever it might be.  As MTIS reports in the video, 90% of tire failures are caused by under inflation with the average cost of a new truck tire ranging from $250-$1,000.  Not only do under inflated truck tires mean more tire failures, they also decrease tread life by up to 20%.

Technology such as the the MTIS Tire Inflation System for Trucks is exciting to us and to our customers.  As we at Dickinson Fleet Services continue to roll out new technology ourselves, we’re always keeping a pulse on the industry to see how the next big innovation can benefit us and our customers. 

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