Top 3 Apps for Truck Drivers & Fleet Managers

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How many smartphone apps do you use in any given day? Have you ever stopped to think about what apps could make life easier for drivers?

We talk a lot about technology here at Dickinson Fleet. As the industry changes, we do our best to equip our technicians with the latest tools needed to do their job. Additionally, we are committed to informing our customers about the same – tools that make their jobs easier.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at a just a few of the top rated apps for truck drivers to see if some could help make you and your drivers more efficient.

1. Trucker Path

smartphone_appsThis one is an absolute must for any driver. This app allows drivers to quickly find what’s most important to them: truck stops, weigh stations, and parking.

Drivers using Trucker Path can quickly compare prices and look to see how full certain truck stops are at any given moment. Talk about a huge time saver that makes life on the road much easier!

2. Camscanner

Camscanner is an app that turns your smartphone into a portable scanner. This is HUGE when it comes to staying organized and keeping track of paperwork while out on the road as a truck driver.

Whether it’s a receipt, note or some type of official document, you can scan, crop and send it to anyone, anytime from anywhere. This certainly beats trying to keep track of all these papers and store them in the cab of a truck.

3. BigRoad Log Book

Keeping an accurate log book is absolutely mandatory for any CDL driver. Using the BigRoad app for truckers, it’s easy to manage daily driver logs to determine things such as how much driving time remains under the HOS rules.

This is a great app for Fleet Managers as it streamlines paperwork and can instantly help identify potential log book violations using the dashboard of tools available. Truck drivers should be focused on driving and Fleet Managers on managing; this app allows for just that.

These Apps Make A Trucker’s Life Easier

As we all know, there are thousands of apps out there. Many we download, use once, and then never really use again. These top 3 trucker apps are not that.

These are some of the best apps for truck drivers and Fleet Managers alike. They focus on tasks such as finding parking, managing paperwork and logging hours. You know, the day to day things that tend to slow us down and decrease productivity. Give them a try and we think you will be happy you did.

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