Truck Driver Appreciation Week Came Early This Year

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National Truck Driver Appreciation Week was technically Sept. 10-16th. But, I would tell you that truck driver appreciation week came early this year.

As we all know, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have hit our country hard. And it’s during extreme times of need like these when we’re all reminded just how important truck drivers are to our country moving forward. When people are displaced and goods are needed quickly, we turn to truck drivers to make it happen.

With the most recent hurricane that hit Florida, the immediate focus has been to restore electricity, but as several ports began to reopen for limited operations, there was a major emphasis on getting trucks hauling fuel loaded to alleviate shortages throughout fuel stations in larger cities such as Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Tampa.

Truckers Helping Others in Need

Prior to Irma, Congress approved a $15 billion relief package for Harvey. In addition to that, we saw many public personalities and celebrities, such as J.J. Watt, with the Houston Texans, leading efforts to raise money for supplies to be delivered to the Houston area. In fact, Watt started off with an original goal of 200,000 and is now over 34,000,000 dollars raised. And the first thing he had to secure after getting the funding? Trucks and truck drivers to make it all possible to get the goods to the people who need them the most.

Truck drivers from all over have stepped up under these extreme circumstances to help our country as we rally back from the mass destruction that has struck these areas. In fact, truckers in these states are not be subject to hours-of-service rules, provided they are hauling emergency relief supplies to affected areas. These drivers, among first respondents and law enforcement officers are the heroes who will help put the pieces back together.

So, whether it was on the calendar or not, I can tell you that the people of the communities in and around the areas hit by Hurricane Harvey and Irma have certainly been extra appreciate of truck drivers for the past several weeks.

On behalf of everyone at Dickinson Fleet Services, we just want to say, “thank you” to the truckers of the fleets that we get to service every single day. It is out pleasure to be a part of helping to keep your truckers maintained and moving.

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