Reliable Truck Maintenance & Your Driver Retention Strategy

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Year after year, statistics show that truck driver turnover is at an all time high.  And, on the other side of the equation, demand for qualified drivers continues to be at an all time high as well.  This has created a shortage in the transportation industry that’s unlike any other out there.  The way things are looking, it’s just a matter of time until it could be crisis mode for many fleet managers and transportation directors.  Take a look at this chart originally from the ATA that was featured in this Business Insider article.

Truck Driver Shortage

Why Drivers Quit
There are many reasons why drivers decide to quit.  Not enough home time, pay that just doesn’t meet their needs, and lack of respect from the company their driving for all come up as common reasons.  Yet, there’s another reason that many times tops all of these.  There’s a glaring problem that I’d say is more likely to result in a quicker resignation than any of those I just listed – poor equipment and lack of proper truck maintenance.

Companies that put drivers into trucks on a daily basis that are not fit to perform as needed are doing way more harm than good…despite how much money they may think they’re “saving.”

Think about it for a minute.  Asking a driver to operate a heavy duty piece of equipment that’s not up to standards is just another way of showing a lack of respect.  Furthermore, it’s sure to create a frustrating situation at some point down the line when the truck breaks down or some other type of maintenance issue occurs.  Drivers want to be rolling, not sitting.  And they want to be doing so in a piece of equipment they’re proud to be driving, not one that’s barely hanging on.  I can promise you this – it doesn’t matter how much you pay your drivers or how great you treat them if you’re consistently putting them behind the wheel of a truck that isn’t properly maintained. 

Truck Maintenance Is A Retention Strategy
I’d even go as far as to say that investing in proper truck maintenance can and should be a Fleet Managers #1 retention strategy.  Please think about your truck maintenance strategy as we head into the new year. Showing your drivers that you have a plan in place and are making every effort to be as proactive as possible taking care of their truck goes such a long way.  This is the space they work and live in for the majority of the day.  Investing in a truck that has proper maintenance means you are investing in them. 


How We Can Help
Our goal at Dickinson Fleet is to provide the best mobile truck repair and maintenance services possible.  This means working on your schedule, at your location and carrying out a plan of routine preventative maintenance that’s proven to minimize downtime.  We partner with each of our clients to develop a plan that keeps their trucks moving and drivers happy.

As you head into the new year, take a moment to think about how reliable truck maintenance could be your best driver retention strategy and please do call us at 855-DFS-4111 or contact us online!