How to Know When to Hire a New Truck Maintenance Provider

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How do you know when it’s time to hire a new fleet maintenance provider? How do you know when you aren’t getting the repair attention you deserve? What if everything is just kind of status quo?

As a Fleet Manager, it’s important to ask yourself these questions from time to time. It helps keep you from just settling for average when it comes to the health of your fleet.

And as you’re considering these things, you may want to take a closer look at your current fleet maintenance provider relationship. Here are some signs that it might be time to make a change…

Communication is Lacking

Information is power. And if your fleet maintenance provider isn’t keeping you informed, then it could be costing you money. You should never have to guess about a maintenance or repair decision.

There just isn’t an excuse for you not having the appropriate data you need on where you repair and maintenance dollars are being spent. The tools exist to make sure you don’t have to and you need a maintenance provider like Dickinson Fleet who makes it a point to use them. Through tools such as WebWrench and TRAIT, we notify our customers in real time about what maintenance is being performed and what’s expected in the future. Further, we break it all down for you so you know exactly where your financial resources are going and how best to manage them.

Nothing is Changing

When it comes to fleet maintenance and repair, change is a good thing. Technology evolves and your maintenance provider should be evolving too. Whether it’s equipment used or the training being provided, some type of progress needs to take place. So, if your maintenance provider seems like they’re just doing the same old thing over and over, it may be time look somewhere else.

At Dickinson Fleet, we’re not afraid of change. Especially change that we know will give our customers (you) a competitive advantage. Whether that be something like recommending a new type of tire or providing you with access to our mobile application to make requesting service just a couple of clicks away. We are committed to being forward-thinking and it has made a huge difference in our customers up-time.

Partnership is Missing

Finally, if the relationship with your maintenance provider is purely transactional, then it’s most certainly time for change. You need to feel like there’s a partnership. There should be no doubt that your technician has your best interest in mind and that keeping your fleet moving is always the goal.

The big difference that Dickinson Fleet customers see when it comes to our partnership is that we work on our customers’ hours, not shop hours. What this means is that we take the time to understand your business and what timing works best for you. This means performing maintenance on-site without loss of revenue. This also means have an Account Manager assigned to you who feels like an extension of your team.

It Makes a BIG Difference

While some of these may seem like “little” things on the surface, they can make a big difference. After all, if you fleet isn’t moving you’re not making money. And when you add all of these things up, you’re taking a leap in the right direction of continuing to improve uptime.

Looking for a Maintenance Partner Who Understands Technology?

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