4 Questions to Ask Your Truck Maintenance Solutions Provider

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Are you looking for a truck maintenance solutions provider? Frustrated with your current one? Thinking of making a change?

Here are 4 questions that every Fleet Manager should consider asking their current or future truck maintenance provider…

#1 – How do you work within my budget?

Truck Maintenance Solutions QuestionsMany truck maintenance solution providers may shy away from the budget question. But, the fact remains that we all have some sort of a budget we are trying to maintain. Being aware of what that number is and working within it helps create a true partnership. That’s why we address it upfront, proactively.

We work with our clients to help set Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and then we develop reports to track to those KPI’s. We will ensure that you maintain complete control over your fleet and fleet maintenance costs, while resting assured that your equipment is getting the service it needs.

Part of our Maintenance Select program is offering monthly consolidated electronic billing. This makes it far easier for our clients to stay on top of cost tracking and budgeting for all truck repair and maintenance needs.

There’s nothing worse than unexpected, large costs for truck repairs. Another goal of the Maintenance Select program offered by Dickinson Fleet is to prevent and/or minimize the need for these costly repairs.

#2 – How do you work within my schedule?

Let’s face it, there’s nothing convenient about a truck breaking down. But there is something incredibly convenient about a technician coming on-site, the truck never leaving the lot and all repairs taking place during “off hours.”

So, ask your technician if they’re working on THEIR schedule or YOUR schedule. If your truck maintenance and repair company does not have a mobile strategy you could be sacrificing uptime.

At Dickinson Fleet Service, we can perform routine maintenance on-site, at your convenience. This means keeping your trucks on the road longer with minimal downtime.

#3 – How do you communicate with me?

Ask how the technicians will communicate with you and how often. You might be surprised to find out there is no set schedule. Furthermore, repairs may be done with no follow up to let you know exactly what type of maintenance was performed and what type of costs to expect.

How Dickinson Communicates

TRAIT® is a proprietary iPad based software that stands for “Technician Reporting and Information Tool.” It was created to help better connect our customers with our technicians.

TRAIT® allows for easy, direct and electronic communication directly with our clients on a nightly basis with consistent and timely billing. It also enables us to provide information in real-time directly to our clients. They will always know what work was performed and what needs to be done next.

#4 – Who will be my point of contact?

It’s so important to know who you will be working with when it comes to overseeing the maintenance of your most important asset – your fleet. Often times, their is confusion on who to contact and who handles which aspect of maintenance.

With Dickinson Fleet, you will have an assigned account manager. This person acts an extension of your business and true partner in making decision that impact performance. They are your one point of contact for all needs and work to always have you best interest in mind. This simplifies the process and creates improved communication.

Need a New Maintenance Partner?

These are just 4 quick questions that every maintenance partner should be able to answer. At Dickinson Fleet, we can answer these questions and serve as your mobile maintenance partner to make sure that your fleet is running efficiently and downtime is minimized.

Looking for a Maintenance Partner?

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