Truck Repair Headache Relief for Fleet Managers

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Truck repair and maintenance can give Fleet Managers some serious headaches. There’s no doubt about that. Especially if you’re trying to employ your own technicians.

There are 3 big areas that can really creep up
on you and make your head pound are: technology, hiring/training and performance.

So, why not offload these worries onto someone else? Why not get some relief?

Let’s start with technology

Technology changes. Wow, does it ever change. So who’s responsible for keeping up with those changes? You or your technician? Better yet, how do you know which technologies are worth investing in and which ones just don’t make sense?

At Dickinson Fleet, we are continually evaluating new technology. We are attending trade shows, reading publications and having first hand experiences with the latest offerings in the mobile truck maintenance world.

We accept the responsibility to keep up with the latest technology so our clients don’t have to. And since mobile truck repair and maintenance is our business, we are always going to do what we can to find the most efficient technologies out there.

Dickinson-Fleet-TechniciansHiring & Training

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, hiring/training is an important, costly and incredibly time consuming sector of your business. For these reasons, many industries just don’t follow the steps they really need to in order to empower employees to excel.

But when it comes to hiring and training the technicians who will be working on your fleet of trucks, not investing proper resources is really not an option if you want to be successful. Time is money and you need your downtime to be minimized.

That’s where Dickinson Fleet comes in. We have the personnel and systems in place to bring qualified technicians on board and train them in a way that enables them to perform up to the highest of standards. Not only do we provide the technical training, but the customer service side of the equation as well, this allows our technicians to act as an extension of your business.

Finally, performance.

What happens when your lead technician calls in sick or starts to become distracted with other things going on in life?

Do you have a #2 who can really fill in? I’ve seen so many shops that move to a complete standstill when the person who’s been there 20 years goes on vacation. But can your fleet afford to go on a stand still too?

Managing and measuring performance is a factor too. If you’ve only got 2-3 technicians and things seem to be continually going wrong or the ball keeps getting dropped, do you have the ability to evaluate if they really just aren’t performing like they should?

Again, these are things that can put your business in a bind. These are things that are sometimes left for someone else to deal with who specializes in this area. And that’s where Dickinson Fleet can help.

This Is What We Do

We know what it takes to find and hire the right technicians, train them, and to give them the technology and tools needed to perform. We can do all of this so you don’t have to. We can provide the relief you need.

Think Mobile Maintenance Is Right For You?

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