How Are Truckers Using Technology

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At Dickinson Fleet Services, we spend a lot of time studying the latest technology trends in the transportation industry. We’re committed to keeping our readers informed about what’s working and what isn’t.

Prior to introducing new technology, it’s important to reflect on how the market is currently responding to what’s already out there. As a Fleet Manager, this is critical information to use when making decisions about how to best implement it across your fleet.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the way truckers are currently using technology by driving into some important findings in a recent survey.

android smartphone truckersSmartphones

Let’s start with smartphones. Back in 2013, 66 percent of drivers said they used smartphones. Now that number is more like 93 percent of drivers using smartphones. That’s a drastic change. Further Android outpaces the iPhone (57 percent to 45 percent) as the smartphone of choice. Verizon Wireless remains the preferred wireless network for a third consecutive survey, and drivers continue to take advantage of the latest technology, with 56 percent of those surveyed using tablets, such as the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy.

Takeaway – Why is this information important? Because it tells you exactly how your drivers want to be reached. No longer is it a choice to have a mobile website or app, it’s an absolute necessity.  In fact, rapid smartphone adoption was the reason we rolled out the Dickinson Fleet Services mobile app back in May of last year

Social Media

Social media is HUGE and drivers are spending time on it. Nearly 75 percent said they check social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram daily, up from 56 percent when the survey was last conducted in 2013. Another significant increase that’s right in line with smartphone adoption.

So how is your company using social media? Are you embracing it? Odds are if your company isn’t doing anything on social media then your drivers are following another company (most likely a competitor) that is. Over time, that could be a big deal when it comes to employee retention if your driver is being exposed to another company’s message more than your own.

Takeaway – Consider coming up with a way to make your drivers a part of your social media strategy by highlighting them. Every driver has a story and sharing it on social as a company is a simply way to show them they’re important.  Acknowledge them for a job well done and celebrate big successes.  We recently used social media to enable our clients, employees, friends and family to follow along with 2 of our fine technicians as they competed in the SuperTech Nationals. 

Health Conscious

Truck driver health is a hot topic right now and technology is making it easier than ever to stay on track. More drivers than ever before are realizing the important of staying healthy on the road.

In fact, seventy-nine percent said they prefer to drink water throughout the day over sugary drinks such teas, sports drinks, juices and sodas. Fresh fruit was the top choice for favorite snacks while on the road (44 percent), followed by peanuts/mixed nuts (35 percent). This is a big shift in thinking compared to the widely popular old ways of guzzling coffee and downing chips.

Takeaway – Knowing that more drivers than ever before are wanting to live a healthier lifestyle and that healthier drivers are more productive – many companies are providing incentive programs to encourage this behavior. Could your company implement something similar?

Next Steps

Just as Dickinson Fleet takes the latest technology trends and puts it to use for us, you can do the same thing for you. It’s not just about reading up on the latest and greatest, it’s about doing something with it.

This article on how truckers are using technology tells us where truckers want to be reached, how they want to be reached and what they’re interested in. Using this information eliminates some of the guesswork of putting together a technology strategy.

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