Trucking & Fleet Operations By The Numbers – Economics

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FleetOwner.com recently published its “Trucking By The Numbers” report.  One thing we always pay special attention to at Dickinson Fleet Services is the breakdown on economics; specifically as it relates to companies with fleet operations.  It’s highly important for us to understand things from our customer’s point of view. Take a peek at the graphic below from FleetOwner.com and then we will dive in…


Fleet Maintenance & Truck Repairs

The biggest thing that always stands out to us are the opportunities for improvement.  It has always been and always will be our goal to help the fleet managers we work with keep things running smoothly.  The fact that fleet executives continue to list fuel economy and maintenance expenses as the areas they’re eyeing to fine tune moving forward, tells us there are more opportunities out there.  These are areas that can always be improved with any size fleet.  These are areas where seemingly “little” improvements can make a big difference.  And these are areas where Dickinson Fleet Services can step in to help relieve some of the headaches and provide solutions.

While fuel economy and maintenance are two different topics, they both go hand in hand.  Better truck repair and maintenance services that focus on things such as maximizing the performance of tires/other equipment directly impact the fuel performance of any size fleet.  In fact, the tire performance is such a big deal that companies are working on developing a system to self-inflate tires when pressure gets too low for optimal performance. 

New Equipment

Another big statistic that jumps out is the 36% of fleet owners who are considering financing equipment over the next year.  Sure, new equipment will always be needed, but there is something to be said for maximizing the performance of existing equipment as well.  Many major problems can be prevented and equipment lifetimes extended by scheduling routine maintenance with a purpose.  By making this type of routine maintenance easy and convenient for our customers via mobile on-site truck repair services, we’ve been able to see examples of this first hand. 

Trucking Trends Continue

As more freight needs to be moved, its value continues to increase, and for-hire fleets continue to grow in size, there will continue to be HUGE opportunities for improvement in the way of mobile truck repair and maintenance services.  Nearly every major expenditure a fleet executive must manage, and even things like driver satisfaction, can be tied back to having equipment that works well.  A large part of that is finding the right partner with qualified, dependable technicians to service your trucks.  At Dickinson Fleet Services, we understand this and continue to work toward our goal of being the premiere provider of truck repair services nationwide.

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