Video-Based Fleet Safety – What Makes Sense?

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Driver_CameraAs any Fleet Manager knows, driver safety is a top priority no matter the size of the company.  Over the last few years, a hot topic in the way of safety has been on-board driver cameras.  This has been somewhat of a controversial subject as it raises questions regarding the privacy of the driver.  That being said, there’s no denying the safety and liability reasons for having cameras on board.  Having a camera or multiple cameras in and on the outside of the truck can help on many levels.  The two biggest being:

1. Helping to prove what actually happened in the event of an accident
2. Assisting in preventing accidents by providing insight into traffic/driver behavior

At Dickinson Fleet Services, we are always taking a look at the latest technology – especially in regards to trends which impact safety.  We recently saw an article in Fleet News Daily discussing some of the offerings that are being made available in the category of video-based fleet safety and want to share a recap…

The article mentions along with other sources more companies are offering video-based safety programs that provide fleets the freedom to choose the level of video protection that best aligns with their specific business priorities and needs.   More companies are recognizing that one size doesn’t fit all.  They are offering solutions on different levels that can be adjusted to fit each company’s way of doing business and culture.   This is extremely important when it comes to Fleet Managers and drivers coming to an agreement when adopting this type of technology.

How We’re Using On-Board Recording

At Dickinson Fleet, we have adopted on-board recording technology by equipping several of our trucks with a safety camera formerly known as DriveCam, now owned by Lytx out of California. These are normally mounted under the rear view mirror on the windshield and record constantly. If the truck makes a sudden movement such as hard braking, sharp turn or has been in an accident – the recorder sends the recording for roughly 7 seconds before and 6 seconds after to their center to review.  We then receiving this footage so we may coach the driver or use as needed in case of an accident.  We also now equip all trucks with rear view cameras to assist the driver in backing safely. Using both types of recordings have helped protect us as well as our customers. 

What Makes Sense for Your Fleet?

Much like the way Fleet Managers review their options when it comes to truck repair and maintenance services, progressing on-board video technology will need to be reviewed as well.  While the percentage of Fleet Owners adopting this technology remains very low at the moment, there’s no doubt that’s going to change.  Dickinson Fleet has already seen some benefits first-hand from embracing this technology early on and will continue to do our best to inform our customers on the latest breakthroughs moving forward.

For more on what’s going on in the industry, visit our news page.

* Photo from OverDriveOnline.com used for illustrative purposes only.