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Dynamic learning to stay ahead in an evolving industry


Reverse the tide of employee turnover

Create a workplace culture that makes employees want to stay.

Your Profitability Depends on Your People: The More They Learn, the More You Earn


Is your employee turnover creating an onboarding bottleneck? For every person you lose, you’ve got to replace and onboard a new one. That costs your dealership way too much, and in more ways than one: wasted hiring, recruiting and training expenses; inexperienced sales staff; lack of continuity with customers; and, the bottom line: lost vehicle sales and business in the service drive. A team that’s always in flux never achieves its full potential.

That’s where Cox Automotive University comes in. Your long-term success is based on attracting and retaining smart and talented employees who want more than just a job: they want a career. These types of employees are increasingly making choices based on a workplace that offers growth, opportunity and, yes, learning. CAU gives you a road map to accelerate employee readiness and drive adoption in environments with constant change.

In addition to helping dealership leaders create a blueprint for employee goals and career paths, CAU’s retail operations training and leadership development programs are designed to equip dealership staff and leaders with the necessary knowledge and skills to do their jobs well today, while nurturing their professional development for the future growth and success of the dealership as a whole.

Learning designed for

Optimize and engage your greatest asset.

Contact us for more information about a customized learning program for your dealership.

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Build employee competencies to drive operational excellence

CAU’s retail operations educational curriculum focuses on core competencies of dealership operations, building from a foundational level to more advanced training. In addition to the courses offered below, CAU can also provide performance group moderation, content development & licensing, consulting, and guest speakers for events. Our courses include:

  • Navigating Within a Dealership (onboarding)
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Variable Operations (Essentials to Advanced)
  • Used Vehicle Operations  (Essentials to Advanced)
  • F & I Operations  (Essentials to Advanced)
  • Digital Marketing / Digital Retailing
  • Fixed Operations  (Essentials to Advanced)
  • Parts Operations   (Essentials to Advanced)
  • Managing the Service Drive
  • Compensating and Retaining Employees
  • Mastering Dealership Operations
  • Customized curriculum also available

Retail Operations courses are ideal for:

  • New employee onboarding
  • New job role
  • Departmental cross-training
  • Professional development
  • Operational challenges
  • Interpreting financial statements
  • Creating a business plan
  • Preparing to solve future problems

Optimize and engage your greatest asset.

Contact us for more information about a customized learning program for your dealership.

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Transform the people side of your business through leadership, management and culture

The SHIFT development program is a multi-level training series (leadership, management, new and current employees) that helps dealerships build the muscle that enables them to evolve with the industry while staying relevant, growing and profitable.

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SHIFT is ideal for:

  • Building leadership discipline
  • Improving management foundations
  • Evolving organization culture
  • Igniting employee onboarding
  • Driving employee performance and retention
  • Creating goals and career paths for employees

SHIFT Programs


Ideal for new hires and employees transitioning to new roles.


Ideal for operational leaders, vice presidents, general managers, and department managers.


Ideal for new and developing managers.


Invitation-only experience.

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Optimize and engage your greatest asset.

Contact us for more information about the SHIFT development programs for your team members.

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Experiential learning

Helping dealerships enhance business success by engaging their most valuable asset – their people

Despite rapid technological advances in the automotive industry, car buying is still a “people business,” and capable employees are crucial to dealerships’ success in gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage. After all, employees play a key role in the customer experience, the company culture, and the bottom line.

What our participants are saying...

Why work with us

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Our Retail Operations courses are not just theory – they’re fact-based. Our curriculum is based on market research and comprehensive analytics and benchmarks compiled from dealer performance data using Cox Automotive products. We share exclusive and proprietary data and insights from our brands that span the entire automotive ecosystem, setting us apart from other providers.

Our expertise doesn’t stop there. Continually updated information, including whitepapers, research studies, industry insights, best practices and more is always available in our
Learning Center.

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We use the Association of Talent Development (ATD) standards in developing and delivering course content to maximize adult learning and critical thinking skills.

Courses are delivered using interactive and engaging adult-learning methods that include case studies, recall, gamification, scenario-based role plays, action plan development and assessments.

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We offer extensive off-the-shelf courses and comprehensive, role-based learning paths to develop core competencies, from a foundational level to more advanced, blending both skillsets and mindsets.

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To successfully meet the challenges of the automotive business, five years ago Cox Automotive created a program built on the promise of providing groundbreaking leadership development to industry frontrunners. We are pleased to congratulate all 70 alumni of the Cox Automotive Reinvent leadership program and welcome the incoming class of leaders committed to actively facing today’s challenges and driving innovation for the future.

Learn how Cox Automotive University and participants are coming together to transform the industry and lead into the future.

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