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Run a smarter, leaner operation

Drive more value and profit out of your loaner operation with visibility into driver behaviors, fleet costs, and vehicle wear-and-tear with Connected Vehicles.

Simple, affordable loaner management


Average monthly savings, per vehicle

Recover costs. Increase efficiency. Reduce fleet exposure.

Connected Vehicles is the deviceless, hassle-free approach to a real-time window into of all your loaners — from specific location to speed warnings to DTC codes and more. With dashboards and customizable reports, you can check the pulse of your loaner operation to maximize revenue recovery — all while elevating the customer experience.

Automate and track via telematics

Collect real-time data about current location and status of vehicle.

Automatically capture and recover costs

Securely capture customer payment information to track and charge accurately for fuels, tolls and damages.

Track vehicle health data

Get real-time readings of odometer, fuel and voltage status to aid in predictive maintenance related to diagnostic trouble codes, oil life and low battery voltage.

Safe and secure asset protection

Know where your vehicles are, monitor their usage and set up automated alerts for mileage, location and loan duration. Ignition inhibitor allows you to remotely shut off vehicles possessed by noncompliant customers.

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