Fleet Platform

   Fleet Platform

Delivering data, improving uptime.

Our innovative platform features high-tech yet easy-to-use dashboards that integrate all the tools you need to manage assets and improve operational efficiency.


We’ve got the health of your fleet covered.


Reduce Vehicle Downtime

Tackle problems with ease. Our platform listens, reacts and acts as soon as issues arise. Through end-to-end capabilities like real-time monitoring and automation, service scheduling and vehicle routing are done for you.

Accommodate Every Need

Adapt to any connectivity solution you may already have implemented, no matter the size or unique needs of your fleet.

Enhance Vehicle Maintenance

Meet maintenance challenges with the best service partners through our expansive and connected service network. And if you have a preferred shop, we’ll make sure your vehicles stay there.

Make Data-Informed Decisions

Use real-time data to determine which vehicles to purchase, total cost of ownership and when to off-load. Plus, get current and future valuations for your mix of vehicles.

Instant and integrated access to a network of service providers 24/7/365


Fleet Platform


Fleet Marketplace

When you use our Fleet Platform, you also get access to our best-in-class Fleet Marketplace, a nationwide network that delivers maintenance and emergency services that are reliable and efficient.

15,000+ service locations


service locations

500,000+ services completed annually


services completed annually

150,000+ yearly service requests managed


yearly service requests managed


Additionally, our integrated service partner, Cox Automotive Mobility Fleet Services, is available with world-class technicians and industry-leading technologies to help you maximize uptime.

750+ mobile trucks


mobile trucks

1,000+ technicians



25 facilities across the country


facilities across the country

Real-time support you can count on

Say goodbye to manually managing your fleet. Now, you can enjoy a fully digitized system that allows you to make decisions in real-time—while listening to the voice of the vehicle.

Our Fleet Platform allows managers to:


The right move to move your business forward.

The Cox Automotive Mobility Fleet Platform is the tech-forward software your team needs to succeed. Schedule a demo today to see how it works.

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