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Cox Automotive Payment & Finance Services APIs​

Credit applications and payment calculations are the foundation of online car buying, and when you build a digital retailing offering on a cracked foundation it can lead to major issues and risks throughout the deal process. You know the importance of maintaining ever-changing technology, but have you asked yourself “what is the impact disparate data has on my clients or retailer’s systems, processes, and customers?“​

  • When processes are not aligned or data differs, the long-term impacts can be costly. For example, manual efforts like rekeying credit applications can increase expenses by 15%. ​
  • If one tax code is missing or data as granular as trim level is skipped but pushed to a client, what could the impact be for you?​

APIs can help ensure more efficient financing workflows and more accurate payment calculations that help mitigate risks. Our Finance Services and Payment Services APIs provide a solid foundation to build the deal start tools your clients or retailers need to offer the dependable online experience their shoppers expect. ​

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Accurate Payment Calculations 

Create your own online payment experience with an API that provides your retailers and clients unmatched accuracy in their payment calculations through rich tax, fees, and incentives data, creating dependability that closes deals.​

Optimized Finance Workflows

Optimize the financing process from lead to lender with a suite of APIs that allow you to build a unique online retailing experience, connect your clients or retailers existing platforms, and create transparency that converts browsers to buyers.​

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We're here to help! Learn how APIs will help you build the deal start tools your clients or retailers need.

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